My Journey to Becoming a Runner

Everyone meet Brittany.. she wanted to share her incredible weight loss and fitness journey with everyone. Here is how she went from unhappy and overweight to finding something she truly loves and transforming her life and body.

I was always the chubby kid in school growing up. I dreaded gym class, esp as I get older because they always made us run the mile and I was so embarrassed of coming in last that I’d make my mom write me a note to excuse me from class or I’d pretend to be sick so she would call me in sick. It was embarrassing. I remember standing infringing the mirror just bawling my eyes out because I hated what I saw.

Now let’s fast forward to 3 years later when I just turned 21 and was a brand new mom weighing in at 236 lbs. it wasn’t the weigh that motivated to make a change and as much as I wish I could say that it was my new son that motivated me to lose weight, but it wasn’t. It was a delivery and a botched c section that drug on for 9 months that gave me the fuel to start my weight loss journey!

And what I mean is that my Ob/gyn butchered my c section and it wouldn’t heal and for 9 months I was in and out of her office trying to get my incision to heal because wouldn’t refer me to a general surgeon to fix it and be done with it. I was angry and needed an escape!

So I bought a Jillian Michaels DVD and started doing it nightly because the exercise helped get my frustration out. I finally ended up in the ER and had a different Doctor refer me to see a general surgeon who cut out my old incision and made a new one and stitched it up and under his supervision, I was finally healed! I kept up with my work out DVD and then I started run/walking with my son in his stroller a couple times a week! I saw an add for the color vibe 5k advertised on my Facebook page add immediately decided I’m going to sign up and started training the next day and never looked back!

I got hooked on running that very day and it has changed my life! I run up until I was 4 months pregnant with my second child, but back pain side lined me until after I had my daughter. As soon as I got the clear from my new doctor, I dove right back into running…starting with 3 mile runs. As my second c section healed up, I decided to start pushing farther! I hit running 6 miles 3 times a week when someone said ” you should run a half marathon! I totally believe you can do it!” I literally laughed in their face and thought they were crazy! But I signed up for one any ways!

I trained for a month and ran it in 1:58:XX and took second in my age group! I was in disbelief! Why? Because I was always the fat girl and never placed in anything in my life….and here I was at my first half marathon and doing it in sub 2 hours and getting a 2nd place medal! It was that moment I knew I was unstoppable and running was my passion and for once in my life, I was confident in myself!! From then on I have run numerous races between 5k’s, 10k’s and half marathons and have always placed! Because I stay consistent and I work really hard, I have become a top competitor in my area for running! Something I never thought was possible! And I’m signed up for my 5th half in September! And it all started with signing up for my first 5k five years ago! I believe running and working out saved my life and saved me from going into a dark place! It takes time and persistence, but if you put the work in, you will be rewarded and you never know what amazing things will come to you if you keep pushing!

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