Frequently Asked Questions about our Costa Rica Retreat

I answer tons of emails every week about our Costa Rica retreats. People seem to have a lot of the same questions… so I have decided to put together a frequently asked questions blog for all of you who are still on the fence about joining us in paradise!

Q: What can I expect daily while at the retreat?
A: Everyday is a totally different adventure. We combine yoga, adventure and hiking to give you a perfect combination. Each day we rise with the sun and start with flow yoga to get our bodies moving. We then head out for either a hike or an adventure activity. Afternoons are always free time to relax or take some time for yourself. Evenings we practice restorative yoga, mediation and other relaxing activities.

Q: Are men welcome?
A: We have made the commitment to hosting women’s only retreats. We truly allow ourselves to express and feel as much self connection as possible. Chakra is a place of self discovery, healing, laughter and challenges.

Q: I’m over 50, am I too old for this retreat? The women in your photos and videos look very young.
A: The typical age range of women who attend these retreats is 25 – 45, however we have had women 50-65 years old come. We create a loving, inclusive environment no matter your age. What’s more important for your safety and comfort is your physical condition. These retreats, although a challenge by choice motto, are very active and we will be immersed in the natural elements. Are you able to do a 5km hike up to our lodge? Are you up for doing yoga twice a day? Are you open minded to try out adventure activities? What does your body say? If you need a more gentle retreat this may not be the right experience for you.
Jean after rappelling the waterfall.. 68 years young!

Q: What experience level should I have? I’ve never done yoga/rapelling/tree climbing ect.
A: Unless you are signed up specially for one of our Trail Running or Anna Frost retreats… you can be a total beginner. We have a challenge by choice motto and you don’t have to have any experience to come. We do ask that you feel comfortable walking on uneven terrain and that you feel fit enough to hike 5km to the lodge. Once you are there, you can opt in for every single activity we offer.. or just chill out, read a book and have some you time. Whatever you want from this trip, we are here to support you!

Q: What does the menu look like?
A: Healthy, colourful and delicious!!! Our cooks are absolutely incredible and make three absolutely delightful meals for you everyday. You don’t have to worry about food at all. Our meals mostly vegetarian and we have vegan and gluten free options as well. Big meat eaters.. you’ll have to wait till we get to the beach for your big steak!

Q: How many staff do you have working at the lodge?
A: Our staff to client ratio is really high. Since we are off the grid and in a remote area, safety is our number one priority! We have our 2 cooks who live locally and handle all our cooking and cleaning at the lodge. We also have our handy man who does maintenance and helps with set up and take down. He is the husband and father to our cooks. We also have two certified guides, trained wilderness first responders and tropical biologists who are a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have our amazing yoga instructor and aromatherapist who will guide you through your yoga and mediation practices. And finally you will always have two representatives from RLAG as your retreat hosts. Our job is to make sure you are having the most incredible experience and to support you during all our activities. We are here to listen, to support and to guide you!

Q: Will there be free time?
A: Yes! Free time is very important and we want you to be able to explore our property, curl up in a hammock and read a book, or take time to journal and take in all your experiences from the day.

Q: I am travelling alone and am nervous because I have never done anything like this before, is that normal? 
A: Absolutely!! I would honestly say that most of our clients are solo travellers and if you have never done anything like this before it is expectable to be nervous!! That is the best part about signing up for our retreat… we handle all the back end stuff so that when you arrive in Costa Rica, we’ve got it all covered, you just get to be a part of the experience. I believe that taking time to travel alone is an incredible experience and everyone should do it. It teaches you so much about yourself and it allows you to be more open to things. I have also often seen some incredible friendships start at our retreats that have continued on. It is pretty amazing how close you can get with people in only a week.

Q: I’ve seen comments about people’s lives changing after coming.. is that really possible in only a week?
A: YES! If you are totally open to this experience, amazing things can happen. I have seen people overcome tremendous obstacles, beat their biggest fears, break down, release, grow and change. I have seen it in the moment, and I have seen it once they return back to their lives. Anything is possible but this retreat can be that pivotal moment to guide you in the direction you’ve always wanted to go. And even if you weren’t expecting change to occur, it can still happen when you least expect. That is the beautiful thing about coming to a retreat.

Q: Your lodge is off the grid… what does that exactly mean?
A: We are totally, completely, off the grid! Our carbon foot print at our lodge is very small, and we want to keep it that way. But what does that mean for our creature comforts? We’ve done our best to make your stay at Chakra Lodge as comfortable as possible. So, while you will be sleeping in a 3 walled cabana with the 4th wall open to the jungle, you will be sleeping on a proper mattress, on a bed, with sheets and blankets provided, protected by a mosquito net! We also have a gas powered stove for all our cooking (and of course coffee!) and we have two hot showers. We have two flush toilets that we like to call “Poops with a view”, as well as hammocks and a comfy couch to chill out in.

Q: Is there cell service?
A: This is probably one of the most unique things about traveling to our retreats. We don’t have 3G or wifi. In our world, where we are so connected to devices, it is a really rare experience to completely disconnect for awhile. You are only disconnected for 4 days but by being so, you are able to really connect with yourself, those around you and with the beautiful nature that surrounds you. We do have local Costa Rican cell service at the main platform and we will have our local phone on at all times in case of emergencies.. and yes you can give this number to your family back home!

Q: Where exactly is Chakra Lodge?
A: This is probably my favourite question because when people arrive at our lodge, I love hearing their stories of coming through customs. “What brought you to Costa Rica”.. “Oh i am going to Chakra Eco Lodge”.. “Where is that?” .. “San Jeronimo.. in the mountains?” .. “Never heard of it.. but enjoy!”. You are travelling to a place that hardly anyone else has ever been and that is so very special. We are nestled in between two of Costa Rica’s biggest and most important national parks.. La Amistad which they share with Panama, and Chirripo which has the tallest mountains in the country and contributes to much of the countries water sources. We are at the end of the road of the mountain, coffee town San Jeronimo where very few tourists have ventured.. you could truly call this a hidden gem.

Q: Are there insects?
A: Yes. We are in the rainforest… there are lots! But are there any to worry about? Not really. We don’t get a lot of mosquitos because the lodge sits at 1700m which is excellent because they loooove me. We do have spiders, critter crawlers and flying bugs but it is all part of the experience and we definitely aren’t inundated with them! At night you will have your bug net for protection.

Q: What’s the best airport to fly into and how do I book the best deal?
A: You will need to land in San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) the day before your retreat starts. From the airport you can take a taxi or the Best Western has a free shuttle after 5pm to the hotel. I always use search engine websites to find the best deals on flights!

Q: I want to come, but I’m concerned about the cost. Do I have options?
A: Our retreat is unique and a rare experience. You will be travelling somewhere that not many people get the opportunity to go to. We have made the retreat as affordable as possible. We offer customized payment plans and break the full payment up into 3 parts. A nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your spot and we will do two additional payments 4-6 months ahead of time.

Q: I’m still not sure. Can I contact you with questions?
A: Please!! I am even open to talking on the phone!! Sometimes getting your question out by talking is the best way! Send us an email or

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