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With so many fitness, health and running pages and communities out there, it can be hard to choose who to follow. We are bombarded daily with images of beautiful fit woman, information about the latest and greatest diets, and what exercise moves you just HAVE to do to get your body rock solid.So much of what we see is based on how to achieve a perfect physical appearance and it can be hard not to feel discouraged. It is hard not to compare yourself to these constant images of “perfect”, to look at yourself and simply think you aren’t doing enough. It can discourage you from looking at everything you are doing and what you have accomplished. With girls running around the beach in bikinis with perfect hair… it can be kind of hard to look at your own reality.. hard working, kids, cramming time in to get out for a run… you know. Real life.

So why follow Run Like A Girl? Well because that is just not what we are about. We believe in promoting feeling beautiful in your own skin and self love. We want to empower everyone to feel proud of their own accomplishments, work towards their dreams no matter what they are, and believe in themselves. We want to support people to stop comparing themselves to others and to value everything they are doing. And probably most importantly… we are real.

We live lives probably very similar to all of you. We are three, real women, living real lives, with no expectations of perfection. We work full-time, (and overtime if you count RLAG 😉 ) and maintain very busy lives. We sneak our gym sessions in at the wee hours of the morning, we squeeze our runs in before or after 12 hour shifts, we spend the majority of our weekends on the trails for hours with our friends and dogs logging miles, training for the next ultra marathon. We have off days, days where we feel lazy, where we feel bloated, where we are hard on ourselves. We take rest days and we occasionally eat chocolate (okay maybe everyday). So although we may not be prancing around in sports bras and booty shorts all over social media, we are displaying what it looks like to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle with the realities of real life. And that is why we think you should follow us. Because we are real. Because we don’t believe in the word perfect. Because we believe in all your dreams no matter what size you are. Because we believe runners come in all shapes, sizes, speeds and distances. We share our accomplishments, our goals, our amazing adventures and our finish lines. But we also share our ups and downs with you, we write about our struggles, we share our setbacks.

That all being said, Run Like A Girl is much more than a place to show you what we do every day to train. It is a community that we have developed over the last (nearly!) 5 years and we continue to grow, create new ideas and offer new opportunities. We have touched many people’s lives, motivated and provided support, met incredible people and seen amazing places. And in turn we have been totally inspired by amazing life changing stories sent to us, shared unforgettable moments with strangers turned into friends in Costa Rica, and been shown new and exciting races!

What are we?
An online community that hopes to inspire others to live their lives limitless, to live their best lives, to dream bigger, chase their goals and do things they never thought possible. We want to provide people with opportunities to grow, challenge themselves and overcome obstacles. We host retreats and races to connect with members of our community and show their incredible places and adventures. We have 17 amazing ambassadors from (literally) all over the world who are as passionate about our message as we are!

Here is what we have accomplished as a community:
-10,000$ raised for the Boston Marathon bombing victims
-12,000$ raised for the Canadian Breast Cancer Society
-3000$ for a Cure for Caleb, for childhood brain cancer
-400$ for the Nepal earthquake World Vision Relief Fund
-3500$ For Spinal Cord Canada
-3300$ for the Canadian Mental Health Association

Here is what we can offer you (so far):
-Local and Virtual Fight Like A Girl 5 & 10km run (This year is our 5th annual event!)
Be Fearless Trail Marathon, half and 11km in Squamish BC! (Sold out FAST this year)
Adventure and Wellness retreats around the world:
–Costa Rica, Iceland, Squamish BC, Peru and Vietnam!
-A ever growing and developing clothing line
-A Local community group to connect with runners around you
-Registration to the Coastal Challenge, a 6 day stage race in Costa Rica. 230km distance and 125km distance.
-A blog full of recipes, motivational stories, running tips and tricks, personal inspiring transformations and more.
-A place to ask questions and have them answered. (Just messages us, or email Hailey@runlikeagirl.ca / Courtney@runlikeagirl.ca / Dayna@runlikeagirl.ca and we will get back to you as soon as possible)

Run Like A Girl is a movement, a running, active, outdoor life where no judgement are made, no goals are to small. We work together, we dream together, and we accomplish together.

We want you to join us in this movement. Our lives are measured not in years but in how many moments that truly excite us and how many lives we touch around us.

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