A Year to Me

Christina shared her biggest achievement yet on our Run Like a Girl community… she completed her first half. She wrote:
My first half is in the books!! I met my sub 3 hr goal…
A yr ago i was struggling for 3 miles…
17m ago I was 385lbs…
Here is her story…
In May of 2016 I decided, after feeling convicted for such a long while, to make a change. I bought a scale and stood on it. It had been at least a year since I had weighed myself, and in reality probably longer. The lights lit up the number 375lbs. I was devistated. How did I let myself get so heavy…without truly noticing. I was overwhelmed at the thought of having to lose 180lbs. I decided to try, and so I started watching what I was eating. I focused on clean eating and walking 3x a WK and I started seeing the scale change. I felt great. I had lost roughly 25lbs by sometime in July and I had started to back slide. I started to give up on myself. I was encouraged at a church picnic to continue. To try to train for a local 5k coming up. I decided I’d  promise myself one solid year of healthy eating and working out. I wanted to see where I would be at the end of that year instead of wondering like always. I dedicated a year to me. I started training with the c25k app. I was 350lbs when I started running. I remember the first morning I set out at 4:30am because I didn’t want anyone to see me running, or trying to run. I stayed between 2 light posts outside my house because I thought if I had a heart attack …my husband would be able to find me faster. It’s sad to think about, but it was so true. Running gave me something I never thought possible. It’s taught me lessons I never knew I had to learn. It’s made me stronger and more capable of pushing through the tough moments. It’s literally changed my life.


I trained for that 5k. I ran it in 49min and some odd seconds and I was hooked. I set my sights on a half marathon that everyone else I knew had just run. One friend ran it as her first race and she described a moment I wanted to feel. She said she teared up as she came to the finish line. I knew I wanted that feeling…that feeling of achievement, that feeling of hard work, sweat, and tears paying off ….
I started training for a local 10k, while eating mostly vegetarian. That 10k came and went in February of 2017. I ran the entire thing non stop…sick…with strep….I don’t recommend it… but i was so proud because I was so capable. Another 5k in March and a 10miler in May. After the 10 miler I had to take time off bc of some serious shin splints… Came back training for the half marathon.
Over the course of these last 17m I’ve gone from clean eating, to vegetarian, to vegan, back to clean, to abt an 80/20 diet. I focus on portions, and I have my off days. I’ve lost 138lbs and have been able to maintain (within 5lbs) with hope to continue losing . I have been a homeschooling mother of 4 kids ages 9-2 and a babysitter of one age 4. I have committed to the time I need to remain healthy and train for these races. There are no excuses. I do it for me. I get up between 5 and 6 am depending on my mileage for the day. I had to learn to rely on habit and not motivation ..because at some point motivation stops being enough. I had to realize no one can do it for me.
On this journey I’ve learned to stop chasing a number. That number, so easily changed by a drink of water has no hold on me. So yes, while I’d like to lose some more weight, I am not hung up on it because I love myself. I love who I see in the mirror looking back at me. I love how I feel in clothing. I love that my blood work is healthy and my heart is strong. I accomplished what I set out to do, which was to take care of my body and gain internal health…and while the outside has changed…that is just a side effect.
I was able to be successful with losing weight for the first time in my life…because I stopped wanting to be skinny, and started wanting to be healthy. At this point in my journey I am working on building a body and no longer chasing a number….
I want to be the hope for people who feel so overwhelmed, who feel like it’s impossible, who feel like they just can’t do it….I want to show them..one step at a time, one choice at a time..it can be done. I am hoping to walk along side some of them once I get my personal trainer certification and show them that THEY have the power to change their own lives. No tools or tricks of the trade needed. Simply, watch what’s going in, and exercise.
Oh, and when I saw that finish line..I teared up! When I crossed it I cried. I am so far from where I was. I am someone new, I am capable of what seemed so impossible ….and I am still going!!  I am somewhere I never thought I’d be…. And it feels nothing short of amazing!!

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