Meet Karlie

Hi RLAG community! I’m a trail runner from Santa Monica, California and I’ve been living in Oakland and Berkeley for the past 10 years. My favorite running distance is the 50K, closely followed by the marathon and 30K distances, and during the last year I’ve started rock climbing. I’m so grateful for the strong women that I have in my life, and helping empower women and girls in sports is very important to me!

During the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K trail race
in the Marin Headlands in Northern California.

My work background is in arts organizations and museums, though I recently switched over to working at an environmental nonprofit – Sierra Club. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about environmental advocacy this next year, and become a stronger ultrarunner and rock climber. On the weekends, if I’m not traveling, I’m volunteering with a local nonprofit called Running for a Better Oakland, where we mentor students to run 5Ks and Half Marathons, and I also volunteer at the Oakland Museum of California. My goals for 2018 include running a tough 52K skyrace in Tahoe (Broken Arrow in June) and learning to ice climb, start training for the 2019 Coastal Challenge, and to meet as many wonderful Run Like a Girl community members as possible!

My RLAG Experience

Being a part of the Run Like a Girl community has really changed my life in positive ways. In November of 2016, I went on the Adventure and Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica and was blown away by the beauty at the Chakra eco-lodge, but also by the friendships I formed with the women I met! I ended up forming friendships that carried through to going on another trip with Run Like a Girl – trekking the Inca Trail in Peru in September 2017! I had no idea I would learn so much about myself on these trips. I felt empowered and confident knowing that when we take on these terrific challenges, we can lift each other up as well as surprise ourselves with our strength.

I hope to go on the RLAG Patagonia trip when those start happening in 2019, and I’d also like to do the 2019 Coastal Challenge! I can’t wait to meet more amazing and inspiring women in the RLAG community – because so far they’ve changed my life.

The start of the Inca Trail with our group!

At Dead Woman’s Pass, the highest point of the Inca Trail.

Some of my biggest accomplishments are running-related with beating PRs, but I’m also really proud of trying new things and being brave with setting goals that challenge me. I love traveling and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m also proud of being one of the first in my family to both graduate from a 4-year university (UC Berkeley) and then go onto receive a Master’s Degree. I look up to my parents for role models and they have pushed me to be a hard worker, challenge myself, and to strive to achieve my goals.

One of my proudest running moments was finishing a 26K skyrace in my first race experience running in snow. I’m also proud of improving my time in hilly trail marathons and 50Ks by focusing on hills in my training to tackle the amount of vert gain in a race. I’ve got lots of other goals with running and rock climbing this year, though my biggest focus is to be healthy and strong.

On course during a trail race in Oakland, California.

I’m super stoked to be an Ambassador on the RLAG team. This community is incredible and I’m so excited to be more involved and meet more RLAG community members this next year!

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