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Hi RLAG community. My name is Salome and I live in Queensland, Australia. I am super stoked to be given the opportunity to be part of this amazing group, and can’t explain in words how excited I am to join RLAG in 2018. I love running, and have a passion for all things related to an active healthy lifestyle, sharing this passion, and inspiring others to live to the fullest. I would say I’m pretty simple,
but don’t like being bored, am always looking for challenges in all aspects of life, and am all in for adventure.

I’m a bit of an outback girl, who grew up on an Organic banana farm in North QLD Australia, and have always loved everything outdoors. I absolutely loved my childhood, and feel blessed to have had all the space we had on the farm to play and be a kid. My family hasn’t always been in Australia though. We moved here from Switzerland when I was just 6 years old, when my adventurous parents
decided to take up farming, and were hooked to the beautiful tropical climate of Australia.

I’m a runner at heart. I’m not sure exactly how it started but it was always my favourite event at school sports carnivals, and even from a young age I found running to be my ‘happy place’, and I guess it just grew. It’s only in the past few years I have taken on Triathlon, or should I say, become ‘hoooked’. People did warn me about triathlon being addictive, I know that now :P!

Triathlon has been an incredibly challenging, rewarding and inspiring journey for me, and I think will continue to be for years to come. The sporting community is special, and probably what ‘hooks’ people. Its filled with passionate, inspiring and incredible people. I discovered triathlon on one of my rural placements as a medical student. In hind site I was pretty naive, I had not ridden more than 20km on a bike, but decided to join a local group for a weekend ride. When they said ‘it’s only 50km’ my response was ‘yer that sounds fun’, meanwhile having palpitations thinking what did I just commit to?!?! Being too stubborn to give in to my lack of cycling experience, I joined them, and despite not being able to walk the rest of the weekend, I have to say its one of the best things I ever did. I met some incredible people who I’m still friends with today, and also met my amazing partner who has been the better half of me since.

Despite now loving cycling and swimming, the run leg in a triathlon still remains my favourite and strongest. Both my partner and I love running. We have completed in a number of running festivals over the years, but we have a good going ‘runs to do list’ for all over the world, so some fun adventures ahead of us. I think being part of RLAG may just make this list a little longer :P. I haven’t yet run a marathon, and this is one of my biggest goals for 2018. I still don’t know which marathon to make my first, so open to any recommendations for a good one in Australia!

My passion for promoting and facilitating others to live a happy and healthy lifestyle is constantly growing. I graduated from Medicine in December 2016, and am about to finish my internship as a junior Doctor. And WOW has it been a roller-coaster of a year. Being a clueless new graduate thrown in the deep end in the Emergency department on my very first day, to my current and final rotation
in Paediatrics, this year has been well beyond what I expected. I have grown so much as a person, and have my beautiful partner to thank for being by my side supporting me every step of the way, I wouldn’t be where I am without him. I have a passion for Rural and Paediatric Medicine, currently on the pathway to become a Rural Paediatric Generalist, and cannot wait for the challenges my
career has install for me.

A little fun fact about me – I am a serious chocolate and peanut butter addict. I absolutely love food, cooking and experimenting with different foods. I started a blog ‘The Nutty Life’ earlier this year to start sharing my love food, advocate for eating ‘real foods’, share recipes and also other random bits and pieces. It’s been really fun and can’t wait to share some RLAG experiences on there. RLAG has a great philosophy that has made a significant impact on many lives, and continues to do so every day. I share their philosophy and passion in life, and am so excited to join RLAG in 2018, who will no doubt challenge me to be a better me, and allow me to help make a positive impact on others. Next year I hope to do my first marathon, and hope to join the RLAG team on one of their retreats, as well as many other events and runs throughout the year. Bring on an epic 2018 of motivation, encouragement, empowerment, running, girl power, passion, kickass, goal smashing, happiness, friendship and fun!!
Salome xx

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