Meet Erica!

This year, we are pretty stoked to finally have an ambassador for the east side of Canada! This inspiring woman put together an incredible virtual event in support of our Fight Like a Girl. We love her dedication and community involvement… here is her story!!

Hi RLAG Followers! I’m Erica, a runner of all sorts and I Live in Corner Brook, Newfoundland &
Labrador, Canada. I am very passionate about running and have many other interests such as
hiking, mountain and road cycling, travelling, nature, the environment and my cats, B.K. and
Meredith Grey. I work for my province’s Department of Fisheries and Land Resources as a Lands
Officer and have my own Pet Sitting business on the side.

Every year I make a point to challenge myself in a different way, put myself out there and live
outside my comfort zone. In 2013, I did just that, I started running. I challenged myself to a 16
km road race in my native city, the Tely 10. After four months of training, when race day had
finally arrived, I wanted to back out so bad. I was so nervous and wasn’t sure that I would be
able to cross the finish line that day. Without a second thought, I laced up my shoes and off I
went. Running the Tely 10 was and continues to be one of my most memorable races. All the
hype and support from spectators is unreal; I finished the race and completed it within my
anticipated finish time. From that day forward, I was hooked.

I am an active member in two running groups and have participated in over 30 races. In 2018, I
hope to run my first marathon, incorporate more trail running into my routine and run in my
provinces only ultra-marathon, the ECT 50. Running surrounds me with likeminded, strong men
and women who share my passion of running and living a healthy lifestyle.

Running hasn’t always been easy for me, I have had my fair share of highs and lows — from injury to learning that I have a heart condition to completing my first half marathon. I am proud of every struggle and accomplishment I have had along the way. Running continuously encourages me to be my best self while helping me to encourage and inspire others to do the same. I have grown so
much since that first day and only hope to continue growing into the fierce badass woman I
strive to be.

Much of my motivation and drive comes from my Grandmother who was diagnosed with
Parkinson’s disease when I was 18. She was a bowler and bowled in ten different leagues.
Watching this disease take over her life and strip her of all ability to do one of the things she
loved fiercely was absolutely heartbreaking. She inspires me on all levels to keep pushing and to
follow my dreams.

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the RLAG team as an Ambassador. I hope to travel to Costa
Rica in November 2018 to take part in the Charka Wellness and Adventure Retreat. I can’t wait
to meet you all and see your smiling awesome faces. Looking forward to an awesome year!


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