Tips on winter running from an Arctic Hare

Living in the Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada I would miss out on many runs if I shelved my kicks for the winter season. Many runners tend to hit the treadmill or quit running when it starts to get chilly and the fluffy stuff starts flying. Coming from somebody that avoids the treadmill at all costs, I decided to venture out and embrace the pure magic of winter running. Getting out in the crisp air in temps that most people avoid going outside all together gives me a great sense of accomplishment and makes for great mental training. I have found that if you have the right gear, running is possible in any weather.

Below I have a picture of each layer that I wear during the coldest of runs which adds up too an additional 10.5 lbs. This is what I wore on my coldest day which was -34 C with a wind-chill -47 C.

Layer #1
Base Layer is the most important layer. You need a material that will keep you warm even as you sweat (trust me even in these temps you will sweat).
Ice Breaker merino wool thick hiking sock
Ice Breaker 260 merino wool legging
Ice Breaker 260 merino wool long sleeve shirt
Any thick toque will do
I use my RLAG buff to provide extra coverage around my ears

Layer #2

Saucony fleece line running tights
Brooks polyester long sleeve shirt

Layer #3

Patagonia thin gortex running tights
North Face down filled hooded jacket
Buff Brand gortex face mask

Layer #4

-New Balance 1080 V7 running shoes
-Wind River fleece lined wind pants
-North Face gortex jacket
-Ice Breaker merino wool gloves
-Winter running is no joke so safety first! Here are some tips:
-Run with a buddy whenever possible
-Carry a cell phone in one of your inner layers so that it wont freeze
-Have safe spots to warm up or hydrate during your run if need be
-For long runs stop in places along your route where you can change your base layers for dry ones (frost will build up inside you top layer which will make it harder to stay warm)
-Ensure loved ones know your route and approximate time you’ll be out
-Better to over dress the underdress
-Carry hand warmers just in case
-Carry a small bottle of hot water in your jacket pocket for hydration
-Carry a small snack
-Be aware of signs of frost bite and stop your run at the early signs
-To prevent frost bite layer possible expose skin with Vaseline
-Be reflective! I LOVE my Noxgear light up vest!

Why put your love for running and your training on hold? Get there and enjoy whatever winter you have left. Plus, you will be amazed on how fast you become once you shed all those layers. Follow me on Instagram at: ykmandor to follow my winter running adventures.

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