Where are our Ambassadors!?

We decided it was time to check in with our ambassadors to see what they are up to in their parts of the world! We literally have ambassadors all around the world, with different goals, running different distances, even in different seasons!! Here is a little write up from most of them on where they are at!! Hope you enjoy!

I traded in my usual Canadian prairie running to participate in the Sinister 7 Ultra relay in Crows Nest Pass, Alberta. Although I am a prairie girl, I love the mountains. Sinister 7 Ultra 100 miler weekend in Blairmore Alberta is a weekend I never miss! This is my 3rd year running the relay with my team! I ran leg 4, know as Satan’s sack! It’s hot. It’s exposed. It’s rugged! 31.4 km and 1367 m of gain and loss! I have now run legs 3,4,5,6 and 7!! Tumbling the idea of soloing around just to see how far I can get! The weekend is like a huge family  reunion of trail family; a once a year meet up for many! The relay sells out in literally 2 minutes flat so you have to be on your toes and have fast internet!

I am here in the middle of the US.  It is hot, I am training a lot on roads, in the heat. I have some hot races coming up.  Jen Segger has upped the intensity of my workouts and I am feeling it.  I love her.  I would never come up with the things she has me do.   I certainly see the improvement, and feel it.  The heat sometimes makes you feel slow and slothful? Sloth like? Slothie??  Any hoo…  I really have had a pretty phenomenal year.  Kicked off with a finish at TCC.
I ran a 50k a month after TCC and ran my fastest time!  I participated in my first Duathlon in March and had a blast, I can see how people get hooked. In April I ran a trail 1/2 in Palo Duro Canyon TX.  It was my 3rd time there and my fastest. In May I ran a relay with friends and was really pumped about my leg time! In June I flew to Canada and had the most wonderful time with my friends Christie and Wendy.  Canada is beautiful and that trip included hugs, hikes and the Be Fearless trail marathon.  I failed miserably with my fueling, but had a marvelous time exploring and meeting new friends and reconnecting with others.  I ran a trail 1/2 at the Mowdy Wild Mustang Rescue Ranch this was my fastest 1/2 there.  Then, thanks to my coach Jen suggesting it, I did the 25k at Angel Fire New Mexico.    I trust her and I am improving.  I was scared because “fast people” do the 25k and I am not fast.  So, I decided to push a bit at the beginning and try to get closer to the front before the single track started up the mountain.  I was passed by one girl and I passed her at the top of the mountain before heading down.  I also saw my first bear on the trail. His butt waddling off, anyway.  I got 2nd female!  How crazy is that??  This may be my proudest race, I don’t usually race, you know?  I just go and hope for the best.  Maybe to outlast someone. This one, I really tried to run smart with intent.  So, now I am grinding long runs in the 100+ degree Fahrenheit temps.  Praying for a cloud and a breeze.  I have the Do Wacka Do 50k in September, in Oklahoma, and a 50k in October in Palo Duro Canyon, TX.  I have done these before and hope to improve my times.  I am getting ready to chill for a bit and celebrate my husbands birthday with golf, baseball and shenanigans.  My heart wants to try a 100 sometime but it is hard to think about right now.  Maybe, come fall my heart will be ready.  I also want to do more runs in different places like Colorado, Utah, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California! I should try to do a trail race in every state.  Sounds like a winner plan!

I’m less than a month from the last race I have planned for this year, a trail half in Steamboat Springs, CO in mid August.  I haven’t run this one before but I’ve heard it’s a tough one with a bit of elevation gain.  My plan is to go into it with the goal to do my best and hopefully beat my time from my last trail half at a similar elevation about a year ago.

I’ve had an amazing summer so far and have gotten to spend so many days in the mountains that I love.  I’m also just a few more trips away from climbing my 100th 14,000 foot (~4300m) peak in Colorado (current count is at 95)!  I don’t have any particular mountain planned for #100, but I’ll have to remember a bottle of champagne to celebrate with on the top when that day happens!

I am currently training for Primal Quest where I will be racing for Team NorCal. I am so stoked to finally be on a team – I have been trying to get into this race for years and it’s a dream come true. I love training for Adventure Races because of all the disciplines. I have been on my bike, in my kayak and trekking in the mountains as much as I can and loving every second of it.

I took a training road trip down to Moab Utah for my birthday week in June.
July 14th I did the VITS Transfer Beach 19km Trail race.
My next race is going to be The 30 Hour Gold Rush Challenge AR in California August 11-12!

I’m an Alberta, Canada Girl spending a year living in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia!  If life is meant to be living with passion, we are doing it, kids in tow. We use our time to adventure and experience life in Australia.  I’m still running lots, including training for the Wonderland Run 20K in The Grampians, but the focus is on running in new spaces and places. I’ve run in 4 states so far and regularly share my trails with kangaroos!

I just got back from 3wks of exploring Europe for the soccer World Cup, fitting in as many runs as possible. Then I caught up with fellow ambassador Laura for a trail run while she was visiting the Gold Coast. It’s now less than 6wks until my extra 50k ultra, Coastal High 50. This will be my first ultra and longest run since my hysterectomy last October so I’m excited for it to be here even though training wise I’m underdone!

This past weekend the race that founded my love of running brought me home to Newfoundland’s East Coast, the Tely 10. Believed to be the third oldest race in Canada and one of the oldest in North America, It was my 6th year running this particular race and it’s one of those races you feel obligated to participate in. Gruelling humidity forced myself and thousands of other runners to adjust our racing goals early in the game. This was no longer going to be a PB race but a race of survival and the end goal of just finishing. At km 9.5 cold chills swept all over my body and I knew that I was at risk of heat exhaustion, I slowed my pace considerably reminding myself that this was a C race in my training and continued to stop at each water stop, consuming a salt tab every half hour, a cup of water and gatorade. I finished 7 minutes and 23 seconds short of my goal, not bad for a trail runner if I do say so myself!


I have been doing a lot of rock climbing while rehabbing from a tendinitis injury; I have also been doing cross-training with a variety of other activities like paddle boarding and yoga, and training with November Project Oakland every Wednesday morning. I am slowly getting back into running to train for the North Face CA trail marathon in November, and then to go to Patagonia with RLAG in January!!


In June I attended a trail running camp in Madeira, Portugal hosted by the lovely Anna Frost, who I was lucky enough to meet at the RLAG trail running camp last year in Costa Rica. It was an incredible trip full of breath taking views, high cliffs, water falls, great food and a LOT of climbing! Awesome training! I also participated in my first skyrace – I did the 23k and had a blast! I met a lot of amazing people and look forward to seeing them again in my travels!
Closer to home, I have been doing some of our local trail races and enjoying what Northern Alberta has to offer! I also just attended the Sinister 7 race 100miler in Crowsnest Pass with my awesome team of girls – The Honey Badgers – and we had such a great time relaying it together! I missed Roxanne, who was also racing, but one of my teammates got to share some miles with her:)  The event itself is top notch and full of amazing runners and volunteers.
Up next? I will be at the Canadian Death Race and Squamish 50! I will be racing and crewing at CDR, and attempting the 50miler at Squamish!  I was originally signed up to do the Squamish 50/50 – however, life got very hectic this spring and I just didn’t get in as much training as I had hoped to attempt both distances. That’s part of being honest and realistic with yourself, right? I am wrapping that event up with the RLAG Squamish retreat at the end of August! WooHOo!

After suffering a back injury a couple weeks ago, I have been focusing on my recovery more than anything the last little while. I didn’t start at 5 Peaks Cypress, but I managed to drop down, and complete, the Broken Goat 25K. It wasn’t my fastest run ever, but I finished it with no injury and feeling strong, so I’m really happy with how the day went. Now that BG is behind me, I’m continuing to work on getting stronger for my goal race, the Squamish 50K in August!


I completed my first marathon on May 27th 2018.  I was slow but steady and was happy that may training served me well.  It has been one of my most proudest accomplishments.
After my I scaled back my running and am focusing on leading the Half Marathon running club here in Yellowknife.  I am on week 1 of a 3 week running rest as ordered by my physiotherapist for hip flexor issues.  I keep active by hitting the gym and cross training.  My current goals are to focus on recovery, strength training and physio to have my body prepared for marathon training starting in November. I will run my second marathon in Calgary May 2019.
Hello from Squamish, British Columbia ?? ??
Summer is in full swing here and the weather has been glorious for us ?! It’s been wonderful having time with the kids because every year gets just a little bit easier. We seem to be hiking a little longer and also biking a little further on our backyard trails.
As for me and running it has slowed down quite a bit. As much as I enjoy not racing this year (other than the RLAG 21km- which is my favourite race ever) I do miss not having a goal.  I think having ran my very first 50k last year and then deciding to do a second one 4 months after was a bit much for me, and actually turned me off a little.  This year is a time to reset and enjoy more days with my kids and also practice other sports that I love.  I’m sure in time I’ll be back signing up for more torture running races though.
And ps. – I can’t wait!!This picture is from the RLAG Squamish Retreat a couple weeks ago. Top of Panorama Ridge looking down at Garibaldi Lake. Beautiful❤️Kate:
This summer has had me super busy with hiking with my own kiddos, running my Yoga Camp for kids & training for my first 50k in August! The yoga camp takes place at a delightful farm in New Hampshire. One week is for 6-9 year olds and a second week is for 10-13 year olds. We spent our days doing yoga, practicing mindfulness, enjoying nature, getting muddy & catching frogs in a pond, swimming, journaling, meditating, learning to make healthy treats in the kitchen, and creating yoga inspired art! The kids (& their families) were so open, caring, and just so much fun! I certainly went home each night exhausted from all the activity. Holy moly do kids have energy!!!

On top of yoga camp, and my primary focus this summer, I’ve been working on preparing my body & mind for my first 50k (Ragged Stage Race & 50k)! It’s a point-to-point race with 6,300 feet of vert! It was also chosen as the 2018 USATF 50k National Championship! Although my training has been derailed a few times (life!), I’m looking forward to the challenge on August 12th – right around the corner (omg, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!). One of my training days I decided to hike the Presidential Traverse in NH. An intense hike that I did with friends in under 12 hours (many people do it over multiple days). It was such a great workout for “the big day” and left me wondering if my race is going to be as painful as that hike! It kind of feels like the anticipation that comes with giving birth the first time… you’re excited and nervous, and just not sure what to expect. Lots of people have shared their stories to help me prepare, but I know it’ll all come down to race day & my own experience. I’m looking forward to seeing some spectacular runners on the trails and to finally see what my body will do!!!


I feel like I’m having a real winter break from training this year. Still I have done the RLAG Be Fearless Marathon at the beginning of June and a couple of weeks ago I did a small, fun, local event called the 3 Pigs 2-day marathon – it’s an off-road event in a local pine forest and there is always a LOT of mud involved.
It’s the first time in about 6years where my weekly mileage has been consistently lower than usual. My get-up-and-go toward training has temporarily get-up-and-gone. I think it’s mainly that my kids have been sick quite a few times this winter (ah yes, it’s wet and muddy at this time of year in Northern New Zealand) and SOMETIMES training just has to take the back seat. But I’m treating it as a “season” and it will pass. The sun will come out again and I will get my skates back on because I’m so looking forward to doing my favourite NZ 100km trail ultra again in February 2019.

Well the summer has been a busy one! Race one was Light at The End of the Tunnel, an awesome race with great potential for a PB.  For me it was just off, but overall I was happy with my race. Hiking has been a huge part of my training, as I hike with a weighted vest for a few hours before lightening the load, and doing a short run.  Sounds crazy I know – but hopefully this will get me to the finish of race three Fatdog 70Mile.  However before then on July 29th I have Calgary Half Ironman.  This race is more about completing than racing, and about enjoying the moments.    I cannot believe how time flies. I hope everyone is taking steps towards their dreams!!!

4th year at broken goat. Definitely the hardest one for me yet. Despite being in the best shape I think I’ve ever been in, my legs just didn’t respond. It was a fight start to finish as I struggled to fight fatigue and had to draw more on mental strength. It was an excellent lesson in roughing it out when you know you’re not at your best and of course humility to accept it and still have fun! And fun I did have – hard not to with the trails, the people on them, and the people waiting for you at the finish. Always grateful!
This Saturday will be a new lesson – White River 50 Mile. It was supposed to be a lesson in racing well…..it may have changed to a lesson in survival.
Earlier this month, I participated in a small, grassroots 4 km loop race. I far exceeded my expectations by running and walking  10 loops through downpours and sunshine  for a total of 40 km. I had great company and it was (surprisingly) tons of fun! My husband and 9-month-old baby even came out to walk a lap with me.

Here in Connecticut, I’ve been busy juggling work (blah), my kiddo’s (they are the best!) and training for some races (Yay!).  I just completed my 2nd 50 mile ultra run at the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival in my favorite state of Maine. It was a gorgeous course through farm land and wooded trails with varying terrain.  The stars aligned that day and to my surprise, I finished top 10 female and 2nd in my age category with a time of about 8.5 hours. I went into the race under trained but very relaxed because I knew I was just running for ME.  I didn’t care how I placed ~ I just wanted to finish. Feeling so terrific crossing the finish line had me wanting MORE! MORE MILEAGE. Am I crazy? Some people think so… meh – that’s okay with me!! Maybe the VT100 is in my near future!?  By the way, any of you find it hard to work, raise kids and train for anything above 13.1 miles? Rest assured, you’re not alone. However, don’t let that stop you from pushing yourself to the limits and challenging yourself beyond what you think you are capable of.  I can’t think of a single race I felt like I was fully trained for or ready to tackle, but knowing I tried my best to accumulate mileage prior to the event with my busy life, is enough for me to be proud of my performance, whatever it may be.

Currently, I am in “training” on these very humid summer days!   Back in October, I qualified for both the Chicago Marathon (2018) and the Boston Marathon (2019) so I am in training for 26.2 miles on Columbus Day weekend.  I am looking forward to hitting the streets of Chicago! I will be road tripping with a few of my favorite running girls which I am stoked about! Although, my husband and 3 kiddo’s are a bit disappointed they won’t be chilling out on Navy Pier eating popcorn or seeing me cross the finish line.  Finish line hugs will have to be provided by a random stranger instead!

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