Travel Hiking With My Daughter

Hiking has been a journey for me. It’s something I was introduced to around the same time as my running career started but I don’t have much opportunity to do it, especially living in the city, so I haven’t spent the amount of time I would like hiking. That and I have a lot of kids. None of which would take me up on the opportunity to go for a three hour hike through the forest.

My first exposure was with my daughter was last year in Thailand. The 2 day, sleep in the mountains of Chang Mai quickly turned into a one day event due to colds, jet lag and lack of eating. The heat was crazy, the view was beautiful and we thought we were in shape, compared to some burley, beer drinking, 24 year old Berlin boys, we had this beat!  Me, a regular runner and orange theory addict, and my 18 year old daughter who is fit from running, yoga and youth on her side (she often reminds me) would make this an enjoyable day!

Well, the views were incredible, the waterfalls were amazing, the people so incredible and the local guides just the best!  The heat was unbearable, the incline slightly impossible, the tears warranted and the near death fall off a trail down a cliff made the experience one we will share for the rest of our lives!

Needing to conquer this hiking thing and the horrible experience we had, I took to trying it on my own this summer. Backpack, water and snacks in hand I ran parts of the Bruce trail and the Hamilton waterfalls. Training enough to take on the mountains of Costa Rica with some soon to become amazing RLAG friends!  Just coming off Chi Marathon Training, I couldn’t have been in better shape (or so I thought lol!). The experience was amazing, the company best I could ask for and I will never forget it.

Which takes us to family hike number two, in Fiji.  Soon to be derailed by a little cyclone, my daughter and I took in some smaller Nauva River Hikes and Mountain of the Sleeping Giants Waterfall Adventures. Just enough hiking to say we did it, great fun, great people, incredible views and way better prepared!

I hope to have many more hikes with this beautiful girl in my lifetime and maybe some of the other kids might join me sometime too!

Written by – RLAG Ambassador Jennifer Longworth

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