Transformation Tuesday

May 26th 2013

I finished my first ever race! It was 10km. Nothing out of the ordinary. Something that anyone can do. But it was my first one. The one I trained so hard for. The one that gave me “la piqure” of running. The people in the streets cheering, the bands, music, everything made that first race “magical”. 

And then…

May 26th 2019

This day is forever engraved in my heart. That’s the day I ran 5km with my boys at the Scotiabank Calgary marathon. We had so much fun! I was just so happy and proud to see them running in front of me, the oldest guiding the youngest through the crowd. 

This whole running journey is also filled with ups and downs mostly mentally. I always thought I was a fraud. I’m running in that body that sure doesn’t look like a runner’s body. I would buy shoes online because I was too embarrassed to go in a running store to get fitted thinking I would get judged. I did diets, Weight watcher, beach body, My fitness pal to count my calories… I would lose weight but feel miserable not eating the food I love or feeling guilty for eating the food I love. I would starve myself all day so I can have pizza and wine at night with friends.

That was not working. I was not finding balance. I needed to find a way to enjoy life and love my body for what it was. A body that gave birth to two beautiful and healthy boys. A body that can run half marathons. A body that has the power to bring me up mountains either on a bike or on my feet. A body that is caring and loving to everyone else… except me. 

I started listening to podcasts, reading articles, finding inspirational people on social media to help me and guide me through this journey. A whole different journey from my running one. A journey much more difficult to accomplish. The one where I will succeed at accepting and most importantly loving my body. The only one I have. 

I’m running not because I ate pizza the night before and I need to burn the calories, but because I love the feeling of running during and after. It makes me feel happy. I lift weights not to change my body but because I want to be faster and stronger running trails. It makes me feel happy. I eat healthy food not because I need to lose weight but because I enjoy it. It makes me feel happy. I eat cookies and poutine because I can, because it makes me feel happy. I enjoy a rest day because I need it physically and mentally. It makes me feel happy.


You can’t see my transformation Tuesday. It’s all inside me. I’m stronger, happier, more confident. This is me.

Written by: Caroline Lampron, RLAG Ambassador 


  1. Caro you are an inspiration to all women and girls alike. Bravo mon amie!!

  2. I am so proud of you my friend! A real inspiration!

  3. Wow Caro! What a beautiful message of perseverance, strength and self esteem. I’m very proud of you, it was a very touching read.

    Thanks ❤

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