Joining A Trail Running Tribe

I started running over a year ago. Completed one 21k, another 23k while training all by myself. I really enjoy running solo, but big challenges request big changes. Last January I decided to run 42K in 2020, so I needed a trainer. After overthinking a lot (an I mean A LOT), I finally contacted a couple of trail running teams in order to get a training program. I was just looking for a coach that created the program for me without having to “socialize” with a lot of people. At the end, in February, I ended up joining the CR SKY Running Team here in Costa Rica. It was good, I was completing my weekly training program alone and joining the team just for Saturday long runs.

I am not an introvert person, but it becomes difficult for me to get to know new people. Specially with all my internal monsters making me feel I am not as good as the others. I was really trying to manage all anxiety related to this new step, when out of the blue… BOOM! Global pandemic announced! So, when I was starting to feel better, the whole world is locked down and I am stuck at home. Anxiety levels to the roof!

Little did I know back in February that joining the team was going to be one of my best decisions. I still don´t know their names and I’m sure they don´t know mine either, but 4 days a week we connect to a video call and train – suffer– together. Sharing those 60 minutes of hard training with them has become a relief during these different times. Some people believe that everything happens for a reason, and the most likely reason for joining the SKY team (without me knowing it) was to have people to help me (without them knowing it) feel better and learn to enjoy these moments.

When we are not quarantined, they train in a park called Bellavista that has a hill, so every time a new member joins the team there is a guy who welcomes him/her and shares a meme saying “La cuesta del Bellavista se hace cada vez más llevadera” (The Bellavista hill gets easier every time).  I have never been to the Bellavista hill, but for me some days are real slopes that I need to climb, and I realized he is right: with a team any hill gets easier.

We are not running right now, the trails are waiting for us; but in the meantime, I am learning how good it is to be part of a tribe, and not just any tribe: a trail running tribe!

Written by RLAG Ambassador: Marlyn Olivas


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