Welcome Back to Writing

RLAG community today is the day!

It has been on my to do list for the past 3 years... get back to writing blogs, get back to sharing, to using this amazing space to encourage and empower you all!

I have personally take a huge break from writing and posting on our website. (I have lots of journals I write in but don't share.) Our organization went through some huge internal changes a few years ago and when I became the solo owner and director, I pushed my time into all of the other places of RLAG.

I also didn't know where to "start" a feeling that many of us experience in many different aspects of life.

For a long time I had someone make me feel that my voice, how I felt and what I thought wasn't important. A tiny part of me at that time, fell into a comfort space with this, they took the lead, they took control. For a time it was easier to just let that be then to figure out how to change that path, that change didn't even seem possible either, for a time. And then the trash took itself out. As it does. And time offers perspective and heeling.

Writing and sharing our lives seemed to be a self absorbed, egotistical thing to do and it's taken a long time to shake that.

I want you all to know me, to know about my life, my experiences, to be able to relate and feel empowered. To see the ups and downs, the difficulties of this journey and the beautiful moments. Again where to start after years of nothing... Right now.

Stay tuned for a quick catch up coming next and then we can dive right into the now.

You know what keeps me up at night (nope not my kids) or what goes on in those few and far between silent moments I have, I give motivational speeches. I envision myself standing on a stage speaking to people.

One of my biggest fears... for my whole life... public speaking. Do not make me present my project to the class, no thank you.

But I do it in my mind. I write and speak and create impactful experiences.

I am taking this opportunity today... to start as I am and in this form of writing (typing lol)

Are you going to START today? Today could be your day also. It should be your day!

Thank you all for being part of the Run Like A Girl Community. Run Like A Girl is an extension of my life and my life experiences. I cannot wait to share that with you!

- Courtney McQueen | Co-Founder, Director & Owner

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