MAD Dashers-Dash for Diabetes

Welcome to one of our RLAG Supported and sponsored events! We are so happy and excited to continue to share with you the MAD Dashers - Dash for Diabetes!

A couple of years ago one of our community members, Neli, reached out to us in looking for support with her fundraising event. We needed to switch to a virtual event because of Covid and we were eager to help! Her story is below and information about the 2024 event. We encourage you to sign up and enjoy the 5k or 10k along the dyks at Osprey Village, PItt Meadows, BC. The scenic route follows along the Fraser River. There is a finish line band, snacks, draw prizes and it supports so many others. 

"My story & why I’m fundraising for Diabetes:

In, 2012, I was diagnosed with Diabetes, later in life at the age of 45. How quickly it changed my world, I had to learn to manage my sugars and insulin, something a pancreas does naturally for a healthy person. Diabetes became a daily mental game with each meal taken, exercise, daily stresses and how I took care of myself was a game changer. If I didn’t manage it, there was big risk of complexations. Diabetes was never going away.

If Diabetes is not managed there are severe deadly complexations; heartaches, strokes, poor circulation that could led to amputation, blindness, kidney failures, or if  hypoglycemia is not dealt with immediately one can fall into a diabetic coma and not recover.
Diabetes runs in my family. My uncle also became a diabetic later in life, and at the age of 49 fell into coma during a hypoglycemia low. Unfortunately, he came through in a vegetative state and didn’t live long after that having complexations. It saddens me, and when I too became a diabetic I knew I had to bring awareness to all living with diabetes on how to manage their diabetes and give hope!

Diabetes doesn’t have to manage you. You can manage it. Together we can all managed Diabetes.

Most of my life I enjoyed being active and running, participating in 10k run events and half marathons. I learned about Team Diabetes in a magazine while waiting to see my endocrinologist and that day joined Team Diabetes. I began my quest to Make a Difference for Diabetes in 2015 and formed  MAD Dashers – Making a Difference for Diabetes to raise funds to help young children attend D-Camp; a Diabetes camp where they learn to manage their diabetes at a young age, be around other children with diabetes, gain confidence, feel acceptance that diabetes can be managed, take away leadership skills to make a difference for themselves & others with diabetes and to give their parents and family a much needed break, as Diabetes is around the clock disease. The funds raised also helps bring awareness, education to diabetics – 80,000 people attend Diabetic programs and events, and 2.5 million visit websites for diabetic information, advice, recipes and where to get help. The funds are providing much needed research, and the fight against diabetes has come a long way. When I was diagnosed I’d prick my finger numerous times throughout the day to get a blood reading. Today in 2020 wearing a Libre patch takes readings from an iPhone. WOW, it’s super convenient and much more comfortable to get a quick reading, even when I’m out running! I love it!

Since joining Team Diabetes, I did my first marathon in Lisbon, Portugal in 2017, followed by my second marathon with the Team in Vancouver in 2018, and to-date completed four marathons. I am not stopping yet, I will continue running and fundraising with Team Diabetes. My passion for running was an inspiration to start MAD Dashers-Dash for Diabetes to get people more actively involved while walking or running & raise funds."

Your support is greatly appreciated,

- Neli Avila

MAD Dashers – Making A Difference for Diabetes

2024 MAD Dashers Event Make A Donation

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