Read from those who have joined us on some of our many adventures!

Squamish Adventure

“My first retreat with RLAG was in Squamish, BC! It was challenging yet so rewarding with such AMAZING BREATHTAKING views! I totally fell in LOVE with BC… I’ve met AMAZING ladies, created such wonderful memories & friendships for a lifetime. I’ve pushed my limits, I went at my own paste “which for me; it’s not about how fast I can get to the top, it’s also about the climb and enjoying the AWESOME views Mother Earth has to offer us along the entire journey!” I was encouraged every step of the way with RLAG’s AWESOME team members! The first 2 days, we mostly hiked in the beautiful breathtaking mountains looking down at water & we also did rock climbing which was a first for me!

Day 3, we started off morning paddling which was also a first for me and totally fell in LOVE with the sport! “My big take away moment for this one was that for the first couple of days, we were in AWE the whole time we were climbing up looking down at the water…. and with the paddling experience, we were in AWE on the River looking up at the beautiful mountains which was very nice to experience from both perspectives! Now I have a paddle board. In that afternoon, we went mountain biking which was totally out of my comfort zone but I pushed through and at that time, I really had no desire to do mountain biking ever again!! A couple of weeks after I got home, little did I know that my dislike for mountain biking turned into a hate/love relationship… I went and bought a mountain bike & I LOVE it!

This trip was really well organized. This journey really inspired my growth/evolution in my fitness journey’s, travel journey’s as well as in the journey called life! This was my first Retreat with RLAG but certainly not my last! This is an environment where you can totally be yourself, push yourself, challenge yourself to do more while being cheered on every step of the way! You won’t be disappointed!” – Sincerely, Tina Dunster

“I wanted so badly to do this retreat but my fears were holding me back. After many encouraging conversations with Courtney, myself and a friend registered. With the help of Courtney and the other amazing women I shared the retreat with I was able to push past my fears in ways I never could have imagined. I had nothing but love and support, made lifelong friends. It was a weekend of women empowering women. I would go again in a heartbeat and highly recommend any retreat with RLAG.” – Shawna-Lynn Johnson