Bring an RLAG event to your community!

Our first running event took place in October of 2013. We created an event to support and raise funds for a community member who was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We had a local and virtual option.

Since then we have created and hosted new events, poured our hearts and souls into the communities they create and support. Our Live Love Run events was our first and has continued every year since 2013. 

We know the importance of events in communities and would love to bring the joy and celebration to you!

Do you see the space and opportunity for an RLAG event in your community? 

Fill out the form below and lets get started!

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Urban trail events are welcoming to all! They are trails that consits of wide paths, non technical terrain. Most often a stroller can be pushed on them.

We look to host urban trail events for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • Accessibility – locations, wheel friendly, ability friendly.
  • They are welcoming to all!
  • They are a great transition from road running to trail running.
  • They provide us with beautiful nature without having to focus on our feet (navigating technical trails)

TRAIL Trails

Trail trails – you know the in the forest, sometimes technical and sometimes up and down stuff!

We love a good trail run and the challenges and rewards that trail running offers!

We look to host:

  • Trail marathons – 50k
  • Any distance under 50k
  • In a variety of mountainous terrain.
  • Trail Running events can be as difficult or as beautiful as you like.

LOOP Courses

New to our roster this year is a LOOP Course. YES! These are so fun and welcoming for all!

Loop courses can take place on trail trails, urban trails or paved paths!

We set a time and the participants complete as many loops (or go as far) as they desire in that time frame.

Loop courses offer:

  • The ability to hike, walk or run!
  • Finish line/start line fun fun fun!
  • Participants to take breaks and not feel pressured to make it from point A to point B in a certain time.


Partner events are the best! Guess what these events encourage participants to sign up with a partner and complete their entire event together. Partners can be strollers with babes! (highly encouraged) These types of events are very family friendly!

Partner courses offer:

  • The ability to hike, walk, run or roll!
  • Wheel accessibility. 
  • Encouragement for parents with young children. 
  • Support, accountability and fun!
The overall goal no matter the event is to create community, support, celebration and empowerment! 
We want to connect people to others in our communities and to the beautiful spaces around us!

Note: We are Canadian Events only (for now)