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Have you ever felt like you don't know where to start when planning an adventure? What gear do you need? How do you be safe and prepare for an emergency?

The adventure world can be scary and intimidating, from setting out on a road run to planning a multi day backpacking trip in the mountains. There are so many variables and so many roadblocks to navigate but there is also so much responsibility especially if you are taking a group out with you.

Our Be Aware Program is going to prepare you for the outdoors, giving you that confidence to get started, achieve your goals and teach you how and what you need to be that leader. Learn how to take care of yourself and others while on an adventure.


This program is CAD$279.00 which includes:

  • An 8 week hiking and backpacking ready program.
  • A Be Aware Handbook - Including essentials to carry.
  • Initial Group Zoom Session - Mini Be Aware.
  • Topics and guidance in picking gear, picking locations according to ability, how to check weather and understand of conditions and potential hazards.
  • A goal setting sheet.
  • A daily journal for tracking your journey.
  • One on one initial consult with Keri Bowzaylo - and then another session 4 weeks into the program.
  • Videos for home workouts 15-20 min long - Core, Tabata, and Strength.
  • Customized cardio plans according to your lifestyle and equipment availability - broken into 4 weeks in conjunction with your zoom check ins.
  • Knowledge and information from RLAG's BE AWARE Program.
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    Interpretive Hiking/Snowshoe Guide, RLAG Trip Leader, Out Door Council of Canada Certified Instructor, RLAG Ambassador & Experience Education Coordinator, Personal/Pilates Trainer, Running Coach, Badass Mom, Multi-Sport Athlete, Ultra Runner, Adventure Enthusiast


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The program total cost is CAD$279.00.

This total cost is due in one full payment via etransfer to and is non refundable in any circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Full payments are due by April 12, 2023.

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