Words from previous participants

“I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat. I wish every ‘Mom” out there could go on such a journey to have an opportunity to hang out with themselves and remember who they were and discover things about themselves they haven’t yet discovered. Being unplugged was both hard and very important to do. The food prepared for us was delicious and filling and very much appreciated. Felipe’s knowledge and passion about the ecosystem was was infectious, both he and Eduardo were the best cheerleaders anyone could ask for when facing fears on adventure day. The confidence of the entire team through every step was reassuring.” –Mikhaila, Feb 2018

“Thank you to Eduardo for sharing your passion and knowledge throughout this trip. You and Hailey should be incredibly proud of the work you are doing. I hope you are still doing this for years to come so I can come back with my family. I will be recommending this trip to everyone I know!” –Amanda, Feb 2018

“I would highly recommend this trip to any of my friends. it was a wonderful overall experience. as someone who is more introverted, less confident, it was a challenge to be around people all the time but there was still time for quiet alone time too. the setting was unreal and the knowledge of eduardo and phillipe when it came to the surroundings was greatly appreciated – their backgrounds in biology just add another layer to the trip. both Hailey and Anna took the time to chat with everyone and made all feel welcome and comfortable. overall, i am very pleased with this experience. i feel very privileged to have the legs to carry me and the mind to engage in this kind of challenge. thanks for the opportunity!”Lori, Feb 2018

“If you have been thinking about trying out this retreat, do it! You MUST go! I have never been immersed in so much beauty; the beauty of Costa Rica and the beauty of the souls of the women I met and will never forget. I know I am not the only one who has walked away feeling stronger, empowered, happier and ready to take on more challenges and to truly live fearlessly! How grateful I am to have had this experience. I know I am changed through the love and support of those around me and I hope I affected others to spur change in their hearts.” –Roxanne, November 2016

“I had an amazing week. I’m not sure words can describe it, this feeling I have of being full of love and peace. My whole sprit is a little lighter and my heart that bit more open. Thank you, for what you have done and all that you are. You are a strong, inspirational and passionate woman who cares….Big love xxx” –Abbi, November 2016

“Dear Run Like a Girl… Thank you for creating such a positive and impactful community and bringing me to meet the best friends life could ever give me. You are the light in my life, giving me something to always look forward to and work toward and you give me never ending encouragement and support. Thank you for a life changing experience that I’ll never forget and will relieve in my memories for years to come!” –Tara, November 2016

“I felt extremely welcomed, everyone was so kind, no matter what pace or level you are at, there was always somebody there to help and support you. It has been fantastic.” –Stephanie, April 2015

“There is nothing else like this on the planet. This event can change your life and you guys are doing an incredible job. This is the first time in my life I have ever had people tell me they are proud of me, and it is the first time I have ever been proud of myself… so thank you so much.” –Kristen, December 2016

“I’m so proud of everyone for overcoming fears and accomplishing so much out there, physically and spiritually. Chakra has been a life changing experience and I’m eternally grateful for the love, support and experience from our adventure. I’ve made some life long friends and will forever hold Chakra Lodge in my heart” —Kerry Eiss, March 2016

“This is the kind of retreat where it is not just a one week thing. It is going to be life changing and it is going to make you become a better you.” —Caitlyn, March 2016

“I was in need of a little restart when I signed up for the retreat, and that’s exactly what I got. I was able to step away away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into an environment where I was surrounded by nature and love. In just a matter of days, I was looking at my life clearly and knew where I wanted to head next. In addition, I walked away with friends from all over the world (who I still stay in touch with) and met my soon-to-be husband! This retreat has the potential to change your life. It definitely changed mine!” –Alicia, November 2015

“I did the scariest thing I could ever imagine and said goodbye to the people I can’t live or survive without to focus on myself for 10 days.. I cried a lot, laughed a ton, challenge myself and realized I am stronger than I ever imagined. I met the most beautiful woman who inspired me and became my family. I’m home and feel like a better version of myself, maybe looking more like yoga loving, essential oil smelling hippy. Pura Vida!” –Stephanie, November 2016

“You don’t feel like you came with a group of strangers, you feel like you came with a group of friends immediately. You do things that make you bond with people on a deeper level, You find out these interesting connections you have with others, it is truly special.” –Shea, April 2015

“When I came here and saw the beauty of the culture, the nature, and all the life that surrounds you, it made me feel so grateful. This has been the most amazing experience of my life and I would encourage everyone to come and be apart of everything that goes on here, whether it is spiritually, physically, emotionally, involved in nature. It has been the biggest challenge of my life but I felt like the best version of myself when I left.” –Dani Allen, Biggest Looser winner, November 2014


“So many firsts on this trip, first waterfall rappel, first 30k hike to 3200m, first slack line.. I could go on. Thank you to the entire RLAG team – you are all phenomenal! Talk about a giant step out of my coot zone, but the rewards have been more than I could have ever dreamed. Amazing things happen when strangers become friends.” –Jessica Schulz, November 2016

“This place is very powerful and incredible. The people who are here, the staff that are working at the retreat, it all came together so perfectly. I found that I felt a deep sense of calm and peace being there.” —Dana, March 2016

An experience of a lifetime and so blessed to have done this with so many beautiful women and in such a beautiful country. Will definitely live in my heart forever…Thank you for sharing your passion and vision.–Dawn, November 2016

“Chakra…Words don’t do this place justice…amazing, beautiful, breath taking…all seem not quite enough. Waking up to a lush green jungle, getting to climb spectacular trees and mountains, practicing transcending yoga, excellent meals that re-energize hard working muscles…this place nourishes mind, body, soul and then some. I left my week at Chakra with amazing friends that I will have for life, a desire to tackle anything and everything I previously thought impossible and more then anything a burning desire to return as soon as I am able!!! I am still working on it!” –Jane, November 2014

“This has been the best experience with two of my fantastic friends that I have known for more than half my life. Spending every day with you girls and cheering/ encouraging each other to do something out of our comfort zone (especially rock rappelling) with song lyrics and laughter. This trip with you both has been unforgettable and I am so proud to have gotten to have this experience with you both. We all did things that scared the crap out of us but with each other by our sides we knew we could do anything. Love you both from the bottom of my heart and I will miss having breakfast, lunch, dinner, yoga, shining headlamps in our eyes, trips to the bathroom at 3am in the jungle, busting out song lyrics. Love to all the beautiful women I met.” –Selena, November 2016