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Experience Details


We have experiences going on across the globe, from Peru, Galapagos Islands, Iceland to our own mountainous back yards in British Columbia and Alberta!

We are always growing our leader and hosting team we have new experience locations and types of experiences opening all the time!


We focus our experiences on multi types of adventures. We believe in the fun of play, trying new things and challenging ourselves in a supportive and celebratory environment. This is your chance to try something new, see something new, push yourself to a new limit, connect with others and have fun!


We have experiences running all year! Join us for a snowshoe adventure, cross country skiing or on the beaches of the Galapagos Islands. There are seasons for everyone and every activity!


For adventurous people who are looking to get away, challenge themselves to try new things, renew passions and spend time in places charged by nature.

Some of our experiences are solely created for people identifying with she/her pronouns. This gives us the opportunity to be vulnerable and supportive in a reflective space. Some adventures are for all pronouns, just check out the WHO on each experiences.

We focus on multi "sport" adventures. We do not focus on one type of experience as we see the many benefits from trying new things in a safe, supported and celebratory environment. 
Most of our adventures will require a base of fitness to get the most out of the experience, however for those adventures with more difficulty we will also offer the option to add on a training program to prepare for the experience.


  • Our mission is to create opportunities through adventure to challenge people and help them achieve personal growth.
  • We believe that travel is a personal experience that impacts ourselves as well as those who live in the places we travel to. We incorporate volunteering and donations to local organizations that make big differences in the places we visit.
  • We seek new perspectives through those we meet, the places we visit and the positive impact we create when we travel.
  • This experience is only available through Run Like a Girl Adventures Inc.
  • Our experiences are completely unique and designed from our passions.
  • We offer a very personalized experience from when you register through until the end of the trip.
  • We guarantee the best local Guides!
  • We are certified by the Outdoor Council Of Canada.
  • We are certified and trained by AdventureSmart to ensure safe and smart adventure protocols for our participants.
  • Our experiences aim to create a more confident, informed and prepared community.
  • We educate and provide knowledge to others through situational awareness, adventure preparedness, self protection and group adventures planning with our Be Aware Program. 
  • We are a like minded community which encourages like minded travellers.
  • We have a Challenge by Choice Motto.
  • We are there every step of the way providing knowledge and guidance leading up to the trip.
  • RLAG host(s) will be with you the entire trip.
  • We host small groups and value empowerment, celebration and support within our adventures.
  • We will be with you at your athletic level.
  • We welcome, support and celebrate everyone and all pronouns!
  • It will change your life!


Our experience itineraries will vary from single day adventures to multi day and up to 16 days for international adventures.

Experience costs

Each experience cost will vary. Depending on duration and many other factors such as location, activities and what is included. You will see prices set in CAD $ and USD $. The experience currency is charged based on the location and local currency. All Canadian residents attending a CAD$ experiences are subject to 5% GST on experience total cost.

Our Leaders and experience

We have a diverse group of RLAG Experience Leaders who host and create our experiences. What we are sharing with you comes from our hearts, our passions and year of adventure seeking.

All of our RLAG Experience Leaders are certified by the Outdoor Council Of Canada. We are also certified and trained by AdventureSmart to ensure safe and smart adventure protocols for our participants.

You will find a diverse range of additional certifications from our RLAG Experience Leaders from personal training, running coaches, snowshoe guides, yoga teachers, meditation coaches, forest bathing coaches, hiking and overnight camping certifications, stand up paddle board coaches etc. Our certifications and education come from our life passions.

In addition all of our leaders are certified with our BE AWARE By RLAG Program. We educate and provide knowledge to others through situational awareness, adventure preparedness, self protection and group adventures planning with our Be Aware Program. 

Partnerships and local communities

We partner with many local communities and organisations in creating and hosting our experiences. We want to create strong and supportive communities in the places that we explore, therefore we partner with other experts and organizations local to that space, to make our experiences happen. We share the love, knowledge and opportunity with as many as possible.

We like to show you the places we go! 

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