We want to help you achieve your training goals! Join Coach Jen Segger!

Run Like A Girl Adventures Inc. is partnered up with endurance coach and incredible Canadian athlete, Jen Segger, to bring you closer to your goals. Whether you are new to running, and experienced veteran or looking to get into a new sport, Jen has your goals covered.

Jen has experience in trail running, adventure racing, expedition racing and triathlon. She has also completed her sport nutrition certification to complete the full training experience. Jen works with you and your individual schedule to work towards your goals.

Jen is excited to be involved with Run Like a Girl Adventures Inc. and join the amazing global running community of woman who are coming together to grow, support and get after it together. Trail or road, LET’S DO THIS!!!!

Here is what your coaching will include:

  • Individualized training to meet your needs.
  • Training Peaks account.
  • Goal planning.
  • Unlimited email communication initiated by athlete.
  • Training schedules posted in 4 week block cycles.
  • HR/Power files reviewed monthly.
  • No start up fees.
  • 20% off lactate heart rate zone testing in Squamish, BC
  • 50% off body composition analysis in Squamish, BC
  • $225/month.
  • **4 month minimum commitment.
  • Ideal for the independent athlete wanting a customized plan to fit their lifestyle with some coach contact.

On your registration form, please mention you are an RLAG community member!

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