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Hailey Van Dyk
–Co Founder

About Me:
I am a passionate trail runner, mountain biker, climber, mountain climber and all around nature and adventure lover. My husband and I are lucky enough to share Chakra lodge and created this retreat after a trip with our friends and family. By trade I am a Registered ER Nurse working in the busiest ER in Western Canada. I am not following my heart and putting my love and energy into Run Like a Girl to create new opportunities and adventures for our ever growing community.
[separator top=”5″ style=”none”] I am a strong believer in following your heart and living through your passions which is how I live my life. I love to help and encourage others to do the same. Outside is my absolute happy place. Come and adventure with me in nature paradise!

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Courtney Burt
–Co Founder

About me:
When I am not trail running, biking, swimming, doing yoga or working out you can find me researching running gear, our next running adventure or working on Run Like A Girl’s next big thing. I am a strong believer in following your heart and living through your passions which is how I live my life. I love to help and encourage others to do the same. I have an awesome job, that I love, working at Mountain Equipment Co-op which allows me to be in an environment that encompasses all of my passions of the outdoor adventures! It’s the greatest feeling to be constantly surrounded by others who share the same passions as I do!


Dayna Egyed
–Co Founder


About me:
I have been married to my best friend for 17 years and we have a 16 year old son named Chandler. When I am not running or working out, I am spending time with my family, by hiking or watching Chandler play hockey! I am passionate about nature, and getting outside. I dreamed of sharing these experiences at Chakra with my family, and created the family retreat!


Eduardo Baldioceda
–Owner and Operator

About me:

I am extremely passionate about adventure, and nature and specifically nature conservation. I am a biologist by trade and I love sharing my passion and knowledge with others. I have done countless adventure races and am happiest outdoors. I am so happy to share this project in life and love with my wife Hailey.

Maria Fernanda:
Yoga instructor and armotherapist

About me and your time at the Run like a Girl retreats: It is about focusing on you’re well being during your stay, so that your physical achievements can also evolve into good medicine for your soul! I will facilitate a daily yoga flow, she will guide the interconnection or relationship we will experience with nature and the elements through a multi level practice.
We will also learn about Yoga Sense, which is a  way to come together with each asana through the recognition of our senses, primarily our sense of smell. The olfactory memory, most powerful sense; allows reconnecting with our being in deep levels. The powerful information of plants preserved as organic essential oils are released in the air in key moments of the flow so we can access a blissful practice. We will transcend and become one with nature’s teachings.




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