Healthy Redefined Course

With Nutrition Coach, Katherine Feeney

We have partnered with Kat Sloan Feeney, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Ultra Runner, and Multi-Passionate Adventurer. If you're ready to nourish your body and reach your goals, this was created for you!

Healthy redefined masterclass


Transform your relationship with food. And your body.

I'm not talking kale smoothies every day and eating like a bird.

I'm talking about nourishing every cell of your body. An abundance of nutrients.

What you are giving your body rather than what you are taking away. Achieving the body of your dreams. Without the pressure of being an airbrushed model on the cover of a magazine.

You can eat meat or be vegetarian or vegan. It really doesn't matter.

I'm going to teach you what your body needs to be fully supported. To ditch cravings. To end the restriction > binge cycle. To stop struggling with food and being at war with your body. To finally feel like a badass in your body.


These modules are carefully curated to set you up for ultimate success no matter where you are at in this moment.

Module 1: Rewrite Your Health Story

Module 2: Ditch Comparison & Own Your Worth

Module 3: Counting & Intuitive Eating

Module 4: Foundations of Nutrition

Module 5: Simplifying Your Meal Plan

Module 6: Mastering Nutrition

Module 7: Uplevel Your Digestive System

Module 8: When To Supplement

Module 9: How To Keep Making Progress

Modules will be a video or audio and will also contain supportive PDF handouts or worksheets relevant to that module. We cover everything you need to know about nutrition, macronutrients, micronutrients, and how to make choices that are aligned with your goals - i.e. building endurance, fat loss, etc. It's all covered.

What Else? Oh, yes. Recipes and Meal Plans, Of Course! * 6 weekly meal plans with macro breakdowns * recipes that are quick, simple, and delicious * grocery lists to make shopping easy * meat or vegetarian/vegan meal plans * optional gluten free, dairy free In summary: The course includes 9 modules, 6 weekly meal plans, Private Facebook Group for ongoing support and access to me. You receive lifetime access to all of the content, including all updates or add-ons for future launches!

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