Run For The Shore

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In the spirit of making a difference, we present one of our newest events!

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WHEN: September 3-13, 2021   WHERE: North Vancouver or Virtually


There is an exciting virtual opportunity for you to join us for a fun and challenging race on the North Shore Mountains in support of the North Shore Women’s Centre!

Spanning over ten days, our routes will be filled with technical climbs, secret viewpoints, and take you through some of North Vancouver’s most diverse trails. All distances are designed to take you on an adventure and include as much of the North Shore scenery as possible! Whether you are running locally, or trying the distance near your home virtually, you can be sure your run will be filled with beauty and challenge!

Located in North Vancouver, BC, the North Shore Women’s Centre (NSWC) has lobbied since 1973 around such issues as accessible and affordable childcare and housing, pensions and seniors’ benefits, and pay equity. Additionally, the NSWC has worked towards creating a safe place for women through their violence prevention and support resources, including SAGE House – an off-site resource for women fleeing violence in relationships. Among their many programs, women have access to health and wellness programssupport groupsfamily law clinics, and basic computer skill training. For the younger generation, there is the annual Girls Empowerment Camp and  Flip the Script – the only program proven to reduce the risk of sexual assault for young women in Canada. The NSWC welcomes women and gender diverse individuals, including those who identify as trans, Two-Spirit, and/or non-binary.

We are proud to provide support to the North Shore Women’s Centre and all of their initiatives towards supporting the community.

More About The NSWC

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Race Information

How This Race Works

This is a virtual race in partnership with the RunGo App. If you live locally you can head out on the virtual routes that have been created. Don’t live in the Lower Mainland? No problem – you can follow the same routes as a virtual racer. RunGo App provides turn-by-turn instructions and descriptions of the beautiful and challenging routes.

Virtual Race:

You can choose the distance of your choice: 15KM, 50KM, 100KM OR register for the Triple and complete all three race distances for a total of 165KM! Regardless of the distance, you have ten days to complete this race in as many activities as you choose.

All racers receive a handmade finisher’s medal, a race buff, racers bib, and some amazing deals with our race sponsors!

Once registered, your race package is mailed to you, and will arrive before September 3, 2021. This gives you the opportunity to help us raise money and awareness, run where you live (maybe create a group run with friends?!), and we can all run together around the world in the same week!

  • If you live in the lower mainland you also have the opportunity to choose to pickup your race package at either Capra Trail Running store in Squamish, the Salmon West Vancouver Store or the Garrison Running Store in Chilliwack. (selection made during registration)

Important: Registration for our Virtual Runners closes August 20, 2021 so that we have time to mail your package to you before race day.

How to run your first virtual race with RunGo

This guide will help you get started on a unique race-like experience. Your race organizer has put together one or several race courses powered by the RunGo voice-guided app.

If you can safely, run these on the actual course, or you can run this route virtually from wherever you are in the world outdoors on Virtual Mode, or on your treadmill in Indoor Mode.

How to participate

Step 1: Get the free RunGo app

If you’d like to run our suggested, curated route, download the RunGo app for iPhoneAndroid, or Apple Watch. You may also load the course GPX to your Garmin, Suunto, etc. devices.

We suggest creating a free RunGo account to keep track of your completed runs, but this is optional to participate.

Step 2: Check out our route

Find your race route or routes below. The voice-guided app highlights some of the stories, supporters, and points of interest in our city.

Read the route’s description on RunGo to prepare for your run.

Step 3: Run the route!

You can follow these routes on RunGo with the built-in turn-by-turn voice navigation, without getting lost, and without needing a map!

We suggest trying a practice run, as a separate run or warm-up: select your race route, choose Virtual Treadmill or Virtual Outdoor Mode (if you’re not at the real route), start your run, and end after taking a number of steps, in order to make yourself comfortable with the start and finish.

Step 4: Seamless submit to the leaderboard

At the end of the run, you’ll have the option in the RunGo app to “Share with Virtual Race,” where you’ll select your race by name. This will seamlessly add your run or runs to the leaderboard on the race website.

Step 5: Celebrate!

You did it. Way to go! Check your race’s website as the leaderboard is constantly updated. Tell us your story! Share your run, photo, or video on social media, and mention @rungoapp or #rungoapp

Alternate steps 1-4

You may also submit any run activity! If you run with the RunGo app, but a different route, or without following a route, you can submit to the leaderboard at the completion of your run.

You may also submit from another running app or manually, via the form (example below) on your race’s website.


Your virtual race will supply the racecourse routes for your event. Run these on the actual course if you can safely, or you can run this route virtually on your treadmill in Indoor Mode, or wherever you are in the world outdoors on Virtual mode.

How to find the route in the RunGo app, on iPhone or Android:

  1. From the route embedded on the race website, tap the button “Follow this Route,” or on, tap the button “View in RunGo App.” This will open the route in the app.
  2. Or search for the route or your race’s group on RunGo, if this exists. Make sure you select the correct route.

You may also run only with your Apple Watch, without bringing a phone. Make sure you have the route loaded on your RunGo Apple Watch app before starting:

  1. You may find the route in the iPhone app and tap the Apple Watch icon on the route view to send to your watch.
  2. You may search for the route directly in the Apple Watch app.

Be sure to start the route in the correct mode: Normal, Virtual Treadmill, or Virtual Outdoor.

At the end of the run, stop your run, tap done, and export to send back to your iPhone and online RunGo logbook.

Apple Watch tip: swipe side to side to view different screens, like run stats, map and elevation guide, directions, and pause/stop/lock screen. You may swipe up on the Digital Crown to pause and resume your run!

Course Information

Start and Finish Line: Wherever you live OR
Ambleside Beach Park – Argyle Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1A4

This is a tracked virtual race.

For local runners, all distances will have the option to start and end at Ambleside Beach. With lots of local shops and restaurants nearby, this is the perfect daytime venue for your friends and family to wait to see you crush your goals! Once complete, be sure to dip your toes on the water’s edge – this is of course, a Run for the Shore!

We have four distance options – 15KM, 50KM, 100KM and 165km (Triple) each offering a different perspective of the North Shore. All distances can be completed locally, or virtually, between September 3-13, 2021, which means that you can complete the distance of your choice over multiple attempts!

  • Race Start Time: Anytime you like
  • Race Date(s): September 3-13, 2021
  • 1 Virtual aid station
  • Finishers medals for all racers
  • Our 15K is perfect for beginner runners that are looking for a challenge! Starting at the beach, you will make your way up to Cleveland Dam, weaving along the river trail, past steep canyon cliffs, our local fish hatchery, and through dense rain forest. At the top of the climb, you can expect to have a great view of Cleveland Dam and Capilano Lake – a perfect selfie spot!


    • $35.00

    Route Provided By RunGo

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    - This Virtual Race is a fundraiser for the North Shore Women's Centre. All of the proceeds are being donated to the centre.

    Our routes will be filled with technical climbs, secret viewpoints, and take you through some of North Vancouver’s most beautiful trails. All distances are designed to take you on an adventure and include as much of the North Shore Scenery as possible! Whether you are running locally, or trying the distance near your home virtually, you can be sure that your run will be filled with beauty and challenge! 

    – We will have 3 draw prizes and also prizes for the following:

    1. Funniest selfie

    2.  Best wildlife photo spotted on the run

    3. Best twinning photo

    4. Best race costume photo

    from our main event sponsor: Alkeme

    Trail Etiquette

    - As we head out for our virtual runs we strongly encourage you to head out onto a trail you know and or a trail and or area you have researched and are fully prepared to be in.

    - Trail running/outdoor safety is very important, we need to know before we go.

    - Please ensure that you have let someone know where you are going and an approx. time frame, that you have packed more then enough nutrition and hydration, you are prepared for any potential weather and wildlife etc.

    - We highly encourage you to throw out a WAY TO GO, GOOD JOB  to other runners or people you see along the way!

    - If you wish to listen to music while running please only put in one ear or keep your music low, you need to be able to hear others around you for your and others safety.


    Coming soon!

    The finishers medals are hand made wood design. Image coming soon.


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