Running Gone MAD 5K & 10K

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Our Newest Race... It's A Virtual Thing... Running Gone MAD! 

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Registration opens: August 4, 2020

WHEN: September 19 - November 30, 2020    WHERE: Virtually


This event was created in partnership with one of RLAG's community members, the host of MAD Dashers. 2020 has created a virtual running world for us and this year raising awareness and funds for Diabetes has also gone virtual. In 2012 she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and in 2015 joined Team Diabetes, from there she formed the MAD Dashers - Making a Difference for Diabetes and began her quest to help all living with diabetes.

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in Canada. Currently, 11 million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes –a number expected to rise to more than 13 million by 2025, if we don’t take action. Funds raised through Team Diabetes helps Diabetes Canada deliver on its mission to lead the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while we work to find a cure, obtain on-going research to better technology, diabetic education, programs such a D-camps for kids with living with diabetes and advocacy on behalf of those living with diabetes across Canada.

The Diabetes Charter for Canada presents a common vision: all people living with diabetes in Canada should be given the opportunity to manage their diabetes to the best of their ability and to achieve their full health potential through equal access to needed care and support.

The Charter can be used to:

  • speak to policy makers and promote best care outcomes for people living with diabetes;
  • increase awareness through stimulating dialogue about issues important to people with diabetes;
  • improve supports for people living with diabetes; and
  • highlight public policy concerns that impact the self-management of people living with diabetes (e.g. poverty, food security and food environment).
More about Diabetes
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Race Information

How This Race Works

Virtual Racers:

Signing up to race virtually means you are choosing to support our event and achieve your goals while running on your favourite trail or in your neighbourhood. Your race package will be mailed to you. This gives you the option to help us raise money and awareness, run where you live, (maybe create a group run with friends?!), and we can all run together around the world supporting the same cause!

Your registration fee includes your bib number, a finisher’s medal, race bag and a donation to Diabetes Canada.

We are giving you the opportunity to complete your virtual race between September 19 to November 30, 2020. November is Diabetes awareness month however you are able to choose a day that works within your training schedule and perhaps you are able to find a sunny day! 

Course Information

Start and Finish:

As a virtual race you can run anywhere you would like, below are some local (lower mainland of BC) route options. Below are just suggestions if you are looking for a route! 

  • $30.00
  • Suggested local route 
  • Please download the RUNGO APP - 5km MAD Dashers - Dash for Diabetes, Route for turn-by-turn instructions

Maps by RUNGO App

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  • All racers receive a finishers Medal. 
  • Please download the RUNGO APP if you are looking for turn-by-turn instructions on the local race routes. Each route can be found under 5km MAD Dashers - Dash for Diabetes or 10km MAD Dashers - Dash for Diabetes. 
  • You can purchase a race shirt during registration!
  • You will have the opportunity to upload your race results to the race roster site once you have completed your run, information on how to do this will be emailed to you closer to race date.

– We will have 3 draw prizes and also prizes for the following:

1. Funniest selfie photo 

2. Racer who lives the furthest from Vancouver BC 

3. Farthest doggy distance 

4. Best twinning photo 

5. Best race costume photo

Trail Etiquette

- We highly encourage you to throw out a HIGH FIVE, a WAY TO GO, GOOD JOB, or a PAT ON THE BACK to other runners! (however this year we encourage a way to go from a distance)

- We are all out there giving it our all and supporting each other!

- If you wish to listen to music while racing please only put in one ear or keep your music low, you need to be able to hear others around you for your and others safety

If you are running in a popular destination for trail or other users, to ensure everyones safety please follow these guidelines:

  • avoid bunching up into one large
  • keep your distance while passing others


Event tank tops and t-shirts (in mens and women's) are available for purchase during online registration!

The finishers medals are hand made from MysticalEngraving and are wood design.

(image coming soon)


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