Chasing Waterfalls

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Chasing Waterfalls - Through the Lens

Join us for a two day mountain experience in Nordegg, AB!

Experience Details


We will be exploring in the amazing David Thompson Corridor in Alberta! Stretching 83km's along Highway 11 from Nordegg to the Banff National Park boundary in west-central Alberta, the David Thompson Corridor remains one of the few mountain areas in the province outside either a national or provincial park, or a wilderness area.  From the rolling foothills of the Nordegg area to the towering pinnacles of the main ranges, the David Thompson Corridor offers some of the most diversified scenery, flora and history in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.


This experience includes 2 full days of exploring, seeing the beauty of waterfalls all around us. We are taking a new approach to adventure, we are going to immerse ourselves in it! Adventure seems to have one pace and that is GO! We want to engage with our surrounding at a pace we can take photos, have conversations and share laughs.

We have hand-picked three hikes that all lead to spectacular waterfalls, put them all together and created a safe place where women can explore and challenge themselves while conquering some new trails. We will be exploring beautiful places and seeing waterfalls all while learning and talking about hiking and photography.  We will also be camping overnight at 2 O’Clock Creek Campground.

Our experience has been designed to challenge you and create connections in many different ways!  We are going to be talking all things female empowerment, mountain safety and adventure planning tools, including our BE AWARE Program, celebrating and supporting each other as we make it through this weekends adventure!


  • July 21-23, 2024 - 4/6 spots remain
  • Registration deadline - July 1, 2024
  • This trip operates on a 4 person minimum


For all adventurous ladies who are looking to get away from the craziness of everyday life, challenge yourself to try new things in one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Step outside your comfort zone, experience personal growth and a new adventures. Chasing Waterfalls - Through the Lens does require you to have a hiking fitness base. It is recommended that you can easily walk 5 km in order to join this trip.

Those looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience in David Thompson Country and seeing some lesser known waterfalls. You will be rewarded with a stunning combination of mountain scapes, forest, and waterfalls.


  • Our mission is to create opportunities through adventure to challenge people and help them achieve personal growth.
  • We believe that travel is a personal experience that impacts ourselves as well as those who live in the places we travel to. We incorporate volunteering and donations to local organizations that make big differences in the places we visit.
  • We seek new perspectives through those we meet, the places we visit and the positive impact we create when we travel.
  • This experience is only available through Run Like a Girl Adventures Inc.
  • Our experiences are completely unique and designed from our passions.
  • We offer a very personalized experience from when you register through until the end of the trip.
  • We guarantee the best local Guides!
  • We are certified by the Outdoor Council Of Canada.
  • We are certified and trained by AdventureSmart to ensure safe and smart adventure protocols for our participants.
  • Our experiences aim to create a more confident, informed and prepared community.
  • We educate and provide knowledge to others through situational awareness, adventure preparedness, self protection and group adventures planning with our Be Aware Program. 
  • We are a like minded community which encourages like minded travellers.
  • We have a Challenge by Choice Motto.
  • We are there every step of the way providing knowledge and guidance leading up to the trip.
  • RLAG host(s) will be with you the entire trip.
  • We host small groups and value empowerment, celebration and support within our adventures.
  • We will be with you at your athletic level.
  • We welcome, support and celebrate everyone and all pronouns!
  • It will change your life!


Click on each day to reveal the adventures you will have during the trip.

        July 21, 2024

Arrival and Check In 

  • Welcome to David Thompson Country!
  • Today, we will meet in Nordegg at 4:00pm - meet at the community center just before the Shell Station.
  • We recommend, checking out the Beehive and Miner’s Cafe located beside the Shell station.
  • We will enjoy a meet and greet, chat about our weekend and prepare to head to the campsite.
  • Once at the campsite you can set up your tent and camp area, we will have dinner etc.
  • After dinner, we will go for a walk along 2 O’clock Creek/Cavalcade and take some photos.
  • If weather & conditions permit, we will have a group campfire, visit before bed as well as have a ‘team meeting’ for tomorrow’s plan.

Meals: Not included for this day.
Accommodation: Two O’Clock Creek Campground (walk in tent sites)

Register for this experience!

This incredible experience is CAD$499.00 which includes:

  • An amazing experience in one of the best adventure locations in AB!!!
  • Camping (walk in)
  • 2 Breakfasts, 1 lunch
  • Three guided hikes
  • Two full days of Adventure
  • A Take home RLAG gift.
  • Education from our very own BE AWARE Program.
  • Local Certified Leaders - Outdoor Council of Canada.
  • We are certified and trained by AdventureSmart to ensure safe and smart adventure protocols for our participants.
  • Run Like A Girl Adventure's Inc. expertise, advice and guidance.
  • Females empowering females.
  • Lessons during all activities.
  • Pre Adventure group information session on topics: gear selection, trail safety and adventure planning tools.

Questions, want to join us but need more info? Email:


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