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Join us for a 13 day adventure in the incredible Galapagos Islands.

Join us for a 13 day exploration of the amazing Galapagos Islands!  The experience we have created is one that we feel will highlights all the islands have to offer, from the tops of volcanoes to the underwater world of the ocean. We will be spending our days learning about the wildlife, hiking, snorkeling, biking, kayaking, SUPing and even doing some relaxing and yoga!

This is the perfect trip for anyone who wants to explore, learn and experience an incredibly unique country. Excite, challenge and push yourself as we come together as a group to empower and celebrate each other! 
It’s time to take that leap and join us on an epic adventure!

adventure Details


Our adventure starts and finishes in the oldest of all South American capitals, Quito, Ecuador. We will explore the city of Quito before flying to the island of Santa Cruz and beginning our adventure in the Galapagos Islands.

The Galápagos Islands is a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It's considered one of the world's foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing. A province of Ecuador, it lies about 1,000km off its coast. Its isolated terrain shelters a diversity of plant and animal species, many found nowhere else. While in the Galapagos Islands we will be exploring at least 5 islands, Santa Cruz, Bartholomew, Isabela Island, Las Tintoreras Islet, Isabela Bay, San Cristobal Island, Kicker Rock and Isla Lobos.

Our first island stay is Santa Cruz then Isabela Island and then San Cristobal Island. As we move from each main island we will taking day trips via small ferry boats, visiting the smaller islands.


Our adventure is all about experiencing the unique islands of the Galapagos. We have created a 13 day adventure touring the city of Quito, Ecuador to island hoping the Galapagos. Though relaxing on the beach sounds nice... we are going to be exploring! Seeing the magnificent and vast wildlife on land and in the ocean! From the top of a Volcano to under the water, our adventure includes hiking, biking, kayaking, SUPing, snorkeling, yoga, learning about the wildlife, culture and history! (Licensed scuba diving is also an additional option in some very special locations.)

  • We believe that travel is a personal experience that impacts ourselves as well as those who live in the places we travel to. We are dedicated to volunteering and giving back to the locals and local organizations that we visit during our adventure. During this adventure we will be visiting our guide, Jessica’s father's, farming house to help him with the process of recycling glass, learn how to smoke fish and enjoy a lunch there. 

Experiencing this once in a lifetime adventure to one of the most unique places in the world with an awesome group of like minded people and your Run Like a Girl Adventure's Inc. leaders!


  • Our mission is to create opportunities through adventure to challenge people and help them achieve personal growth.
  • We believe that travel is a personal experience that impacts ourselves as well as those who live in the places we travel to. We incorporate volunteering and donations to local organizations that make big differences in the places we visit.
  • We seek new perspectives through those we meet, the places we visit and the positive impact we create when we travel.
  • This experience is only available through Run Like a Girl Adventures Inc.
  • Our experiences are completely unique and designed from our passions.
  • We offer a very personalized experience from when you register through until the end of the trip.
  • We guarantee the best local Guides!
  • We are certified by the Outdoor Council Of Canada.
  • We are certified and trained by AdventureSmart to ensure safe and smart adventure protocols for our participants.
  • Our experiences aim to create a more confident, informed and prepared community.
  • We educate and provide knowledge to others through situational awareness, adventure preparedness, self protection and group adventures planning with our Be Aware Program. 
  • We are a like minded community which encourages like minded travellers.
  • We have a Challenge by Choice Motto.
  • We are there every step of the way providing knowledge and guidance leading up to the trip.
  • RLAG host(s) will be with you the entire trip.
  • We host small groups and value empowerment, celebration and support within our adventures.
  • We will be with you at your athletic level.
  • We welcome, support and celebrate everyone and all pronouns!
  • It will change your life!


    • April 15 - 27, 2024
    • 7/12 spots remain
    • Registration deadline | December 1, 2023
    • We operate this adventure on a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 12.


For any adventurous humans who are looking to get away from the craziness of everyday life, challenge yourself to try new things in one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Step outside your comfort zone, experience personal growth and a new culture. We are recommending some hiking experience to get the most out of this adventure as we do have a full day hike to the Seierra Negra Volcano.

If you want to have a truly unique and unforgettable experience in the Galapagos Islands, if you want to travel with a purpose, to give a true gift to yourself and spend 13 days exploring a world lost in time with a like minded group.

adventure Itinerary

Click on each day to reveal the adventures you will have during our trip.

Register for this adventure!

This incredible experience is USD$4350.00 which includes:

  • All transportation in Galapagos Islands and in Quito including to and from airport.
  • All water transportation
  • Accommodations at hotels in during the trip starting in Quito, 13 nights (two per room)
  • (Option for single room add USD$300.00 to adventure total)
  • 12 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 1 dinner
  • All of the scheduled activities
  • Entrance fees and permits in Quito
  • Run Like A Girl Adventure's Inc. expertise, advice and guidance
  • Amazing - THE BEST local guides and one RLAG Leader
  • All activity equipment including snorkel gear, bike rental, kayak rental, SUP rental
  • Two private group Yoga Sessions
  • A once in a life time adventure with others who are celebrating and supporting each other
  • 13 days of unforgettable adventure

Questions, want to join us but need more info? Email:


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Meet Your  Adventure guides


    RLAG Trip Leader, Multi-Sport Athlete, Ultra runner

    Sawna has been a part of the RLAG team for 4 years. You can find her running the mountains of LA,  California and Colorado in her spare time as well as rock climbing and planking just about anywhere. Her best buds are her furry side kicks, Juniper and Aspen.


    Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Guide

    I am a Galapaguenian living in this paradise where I grew up surrounded by sea lions, sea turtles, iguanas, amazing landscapes and friendly people. I am a Adventure Heart Peru trip leader since 2019, I have been working as a Naturalist guide in the Galapagos National Park since 2002 and I love to spend time with travelers and explorers to share time and experiences together. Some of my favorite activities are snorkeling and scuba diving where I enjoy every jump in this unique and magical world.

  • Run Like A Girl Adventure's Inc. has partnered with Adventure Heart Peru to create this incredible experience.

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