We would like you to join our team of amazing, inspiring and passionate women! Lets make our communities a better place!

Run Like A Girl is looking to fill our team with adventurous individuals who strive to overcome challenges, push their limits and encourage others to do the same! Who are determined, kind, creative and enthusiastic!
It doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow, if you run far or shorter distances, if you are a veteran runner or a newbie… you don’t even need to be a runner but you do need to be passionate about creating change and achieving personal growth! We want people who share the same love and vision for Run Like a Girl that we do, who want to help promote and participate in our events, help us expand and create new opportunities for others, write blogs, share stories and help set up more ways people can connect with each other!

You Are:
– Representing an international, growing community from your area
– Receiving special promotions and offers from RLAG
– Meeting new friends
– Opportunities to host local meet ups in your area
– Being featured on our social media accounts, about your goals and accomplishments
– Open to write ups on our blog about your tips and tricks, goals and accomplishments
– Spreading the love, joy, companionship that active enthusiasts encompass
– Kind, non-judgmental, caring, determined, ambitious and supportive.
– Encouraging and supportive of every level of fitness, every age, every activity, every stage, every journey, everyone
– Being passionate about changing lives and living limitless.
– A Leader spreading inspiration and motivation in your local community
– We are really looking for others who just love life! Love it and live it to its fullest!


As part of our RLAG Ambassador Social Team you are responsible for spreading the love and joy of your own lives in the communities you live in! This Ambassador role includes everyone! 
This team would take part in RLAG:
1. On social media! #seemerlag @runlikeagirl_ca
2. Writing blogs, sharing stories
3. Rocking our RLAG SWAG!
4. We are about changing lives and living limitless. We want to see this from you also!
5. We encourage you to take part in RLAG events and activities in your area! Join an RLAG leader in your area for local meet ups, races etc.


We are looking to expand our street teams far and wide! 
This team would take on responsibilities and take part in events such as:

  1. Running RLAG booths at other events.
  2. Leading/helping with training runs.
  3. Helping at events or races hosted by Run Like A Girl Adventure’s Inc.
  4. Representing RLAG on a local level in your local community.
  5. Hosting/Leading group meet ups in your area.
  6. Writing blogs, sharing stories, gear and event reviews.

RLAG Ambassador Leaders Team:

As an Ambassador Leader you are an experienced RLAG team member, you lead immensely in your communities, you inspire us and all of those around you. You take being an Ambassador above and beyond!
This team takes part in:
1. Guiding/leading Run Like A Girl Adventure Inc. Trips
2. Designing and hosting local/virtual race events in your communities along with local meet ups
3. Provides us with feedback, help with product designs and event ideas
4. Creating and sharing new ideas for RLAG
5. Blogging, gear reviews and social media posting
6. Race directing, event coordinating, communicating with the entire Ambassador Team


                   Thank you so much, we are excited to hear from you!