Meet our RLAG Ambassador Street Team!

AMBER - plattsburgh, NY

Hi, my name is Amber Desjardins.  My pronouns are she, her, hers.  I am a trans woman, Para athlete, activist, and blog writer.  I do wheelchair racing that I like to call running.  When I am not working out or running you can find me advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.  You can find me writing blogs or being active on social media.  I hope that I can continue to bring DEIA to Run Like A Girl this year by sharing my experience and knowledge.

Andrea - Vancouver, BC

Brittany - Maple Ridge, BC

christina - vancouver, BC

Trail running for me has been a journey - both mental, and physical. When I started, shortly after joining Run Like a Girl in beautiful Costa Rica, I really didn’t have any idea of where it would take me, but over the years I went from 5K-to-100K! Ultra-running has been a special part of my life for many years, and after a back injury in 2021 and subsequent chronic pain I have been on the road-to-recovery. Understanding limitations is something that is challenging for most ultra-runners, and through regaining my mobility and learning to navigate pain I have rekindled old passions and have learned to be more patient and kind to myself. 2023 is a new year, and I am hoping that I will be ready to toe the start line at a couple races I have on the roster. Life can get tough sometimes, but knowing that I can keep putting one foot in front of the other, despite the obstacles, keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward!

christine - San Francisco, CA

Lover of all things Christmas, Disney, donuts and Olympics! She is also an avid runner in the Bay Area of California and serves as ambassador for many different running groups. She even co-founded her own running club. She loves volunteering for non-profits and sits on the Board for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.


Hey there! I'm Connie and I live in Edmonton, Alberta where I love to explore the region's beautiful river valley trails. My running journey began years ago when I spontaneously decided to go on an hour-long run after a stressful university exam. I wasn't much of a runner then, but after that day I was hooked. My favourite distance is a half marathon, my longest distance is a leisurely 43.5 km, and my favourite race is the Mount Robson Half Marathon in B.C. (it's just gorgeous). I'm keeping my running goals pretty simple this year: go on even more local trail adventures and run the Mount Robson for a third time if it's back on in the fall. I'll never be the fastest runner -- maybe because I have to stop and pet every dog, or because I get totally enamoured by nature -- but I just love how running makes me feel. Relaxed. Alive. Centered. When I'm not running, you can find me doing one of the other things that keeps me grounded: meditation. As a newly trained meditation facilitator and guide, I'm fascinated with how meditation and mindfulness can so beautifully combine with running, hiking, and nature. I'm a new RLAG ambassador in 2021 and am both honoured and proud to be joining such a wonderful community of kind and passionate people.


Hey! My name is Jen. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend and I have 3 pretty amazing kids. I live in the stunning Fraser Valley. I am so excited to be part of this fabulous community! I am newish to the running community. I only started running a little over a year ago. My first ever race was the 10 km Live Love Run race. After that race, I was hooked. In 2019 I set some pretty big goals for myself. I completed my first ever Tough Mudder, Valley Vertikiller, as well as 2 half marathons! I love running in the trails to help me clear my mind. I also enjoy a good old fashion road run every once in a while. My hope is that as part of the RLAG Street Team I can encourage woman to be fearless and take that first step to becoming the best version of themselves. See you on the trails!

Karen - Vancouver, BC

Hi everyone. I’m Karen! I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Mom to 1 amazing human and a fluffy cat named Prince. I’ve been a city runner off and on for many years, but found a renewed interest through scavenger hunts and trail running in 2020.  This is my second year with the RLAG Street Ambassador team. Last year I had a blast figuring out reels for my IG takeover week, ran a couple of races and volunteered for another organization. I’ve been on a 4 month break to rehab my knee, but am hopeful to start running again soon. Either way, I’m excited and committed to participate anyway that I can. Aside from running, I am a volleyball enthusiast; I host a grass volleyball Meetup group in the summer, as well as play at the beach whenever I can. Looking forward to seeing you all at upcoming RLAG events. 


Hello Beautiful People!
My name is Kim. I live in the Beautiful Fraser Valley, BC, Canada.
I am a mama to the most wonderful 22-year-old daughter and the sweetest WPG pup. I love adventure, obstacle running, trail running, hiking, anything in the trees, in the mountains, that is my happy place.
I am honoured and crazy excited to be a RLAG ambassador for my 3rd year in this amazing community. To share my love of running and adventure. To encourage others to Live, Love, Run and to Be Fearless in our pursuits of redefining our impossible.

I look forward to connecting with everyone.

Much Love.

Laura - Perry, GA


LISA - Sicamous, BC

Hi I am Lisa. I live in the Shuswap region of British Columbia near Sicamous.
I am a mom of 2 adult kids, 1 dog and 1 cat and have been married for over 30 yrs.
I was an avid athlete in my youth but fell away from it after getting married and having kids. I got into running at the age of 45 and followed a learn to run program to do my first 5k.
After getting into running I started doing strength training as well. I loved the gym atmosphere and the positive connections. Between running groups and gym time I felt rejuvenated and was looking forward to my 50s. I have been mostly a road runner but starting branching out to trails the last couple of years.
The year I turned 50(2016) I went to Tough Mudder and had a fall and broke my lower tibial bone. So I was off running for a while. I went through surgery and rehab and kept going to the gym. Through all of this I quit my retail job and took my PT course through CFES.
I started running again and kept going.. I did one marathon 2 yrs after my injury and a sprint triathlon the year after. I love to paddle board, kayak, hike, run, bike and walk..
I moved my PT business with me to the Shuswap from Chilliwack and I teach via Zoom.
As I have grown into my love for health and wellness I feel like age does not matter. We are all capable of great things and we can achieve whatever we desire and work for.
I am excited to meet new people in this community and be a part of the RLAG Street team for 2023.

Lucinda - Calgary, AB

I am Lucinda, from Calgary, AB Canada!
I’m a mom to 2 teen daughters, and run 2 businesses. Massage Therapy for the past 22 years and building in year 2 of my Social Media Management & Content Creation / Photography.
I have always been in love with the natural world… I started running 10 years ago because I don’t like living under limiting beliefs. I had this belief that I couldn’t run and hated running. So challenge accepted, I started and 10 years later still running. 💗
The past 3 years I’ve trained with Keri for ultramarathons and raced a bunch last year in the mountains. I love to hike and backpack amongst the Rockies and have grand aspirations to climb larger and larger mountains over the next few years. Every mountain feels like a pilgrimage, I learn so much!
Adventures solo are amazing but adventures with friends push me harder and farther! Can’t wait to explore this beautiful world with you all.

Megan - North Vancouver, BC

Melissa - Surrey, BC

Hi there! I'm Melissa, from South Surrey, BC. I am a wife and the mother of two young and very energetic boys. I am currently taking a break from my career to focus on my family (and myself!), and maybe do some running! Running has been a big part of my life for the past 15 years. I have some marathons and half marathons under my belt, but discovered a few years ago that the trails are where my heart is. In 2022 I ran my first 50K and I loved the whole process. This year I am signed up for another 50K and my first three-day stage race. You probably won't find me on a podium, but that's ok. I'll be cheering on everyone around me, smiling as I come through aid stations and of course, the finish line. I prefer to run before the sun comes up so I can spend the day with my family. We love going for walks and bike rides, camping in the summer, ski trips in the winter. I look forward to sharing, and learning this year as a RLAG Ambassador.

Natasha - Madison, WI

Hi! My name is Natasha McPherson! I’m so thrilled to be a part of Run Like A Girl team! I’ve been running since 2016, and I’m a new mom training for a marathon! I love what RLAG stands for and have been a fan of their global community page since 2020! Dreams do come true!

Robyn - Cochrane, AB

Hi, I’m Robyn,
Mom to 3 small humans, lover of running, biking, XC-skiing and outdoor adventures.
I call Cochrane, AB my home and it’s where I run my fitness business, Cochrane Women’s Fitness. Fitness has always been a part of my life, I remember as a preschooler, doing aerobics classes in the living room with my mom. I ran my first xc race in elementary school and continue running today.
This year I am training for a 1/2 Marathon in May and likely a few more races throughout the year.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any fitness & running-related questions.

Shannon - Airdrie, AB

Tanya - Revelstoke, BC

I'm Tanya from Revelstoke, BC. I work in Healthcare. I have 2 home businesses. I love dogsitting. I do not have kids, but have amazing nieces and nephews. I'm originally from Ontario but have called BC home for 9 years.
I am happy to be back as a Street Ambassador. I have had nagging injuries that took me away from running for a year. Like many people, I struggle with mental health and running, along with hiking, helps me get the crazy out. Being injured, significantly worsened my mental health in 2022. Not only was I nagged with injury, I lost my mom in June, moved towns and started new position in September. I have had trouble finding my motivation. Being in a group with like minded individuals, I am hoping inspiration will fly thru me.
Being a part of the RLAG family is what I needed to do this year. The family inspires me to be better and anything is possible. I have enjoyed being an ambassador in the past.
I'm not just a runner! I'm an anything outdoors kinda gal and can be found on trails generally. I'm not great at the activities I do, but I do my best and have fun. Oddly enough, running became fun for me when I started Triathlon and Ironman training. I was getting better at it and it made me feel good. I even looked forward to the runs. I look forward to getting outside this year and making the last year of my 40s the best year of my 40s.

Vicki - Villa Hills, KY