Meet our RLAG Ambassador Street Team!


My name is Alyssa Hansen. I am a 7th grade mathematics teacher, softball, JV & Varsity girls basketball coach and a site coordinator for Girls on the Run. Although my after school schedule is pretty full, I always make sure to find time for my passion, running. I fell in love with running a little over three years ago and have never looked back. I continually improve and get stronger with each run and I love being able to test my limits, break through barriers and see what my body is really capable of. Being able to achieve something I once thought was impossible is the most addicting, indescribable feeling I have ever experienced. I cannot believe how lucky I am to partner with such an incredible group like RLAG. My goal is to inspire girls to build lives of purpose and to make a meaningful contribution to community and society. I want to help young ladies achieve their dreams and understand how limitless their potential is!

Amanda – Orillia, ON

Ashley – Celina, OH


I’m a 30 something year old new runner from Alberta, Canada who’s not afraid of a little cold weather running (though I tap out at about -25C) I started just over a year and a half ago as a way to combat depression and I jumped in with both feet signing up for my first ultra marathon before I could even run 5km. Needless to say my first ultra resulted in a DNF; but I’m back this year working hard to crush that goal. This new hobby of mine has given me so much; I met a whole community that shows such support and encouragement and I’m happy to be able to pass that along to others.


I’m a busy mum of three from the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland! My foray into running is relatively new and came about in February 2017, about 3 months into my recovery from viral encephalitis (after bowel surgery) which had left me with cognitive impairment, memory loss, speech problems and numbness in my hands and feet. I woke up on the morning of Feb 6th and told my husband that I felt like running, so I did. 9 weeks later I completed my first half marathon, followed closely by 2 more halves and then a full marathon just a few months later. I was hooked! After surgery for a thyroid tumour in June 2018, I decided to challenge myself and tackle my first 100km ultramarathon 2 months later – and loved it. A short stint on the sidelines for a total hysterectomy in January 2019 and I was back to half marathoning within 3 months, followed by a 42km, 50km and another 100km by September. In the 3 years since I’ve started running I’ve enjoyed clocking up nearly 6000 kilometres, 36 half marathons, 5 full marathons, 5 ultramarathons (50 – 100km) and numerous triathlons, with my next goals being Ironman 70.3 and a 100 miler. I love RLAG as it promotes the things that I hold dear to my heart – determination, perseverance and resilience. I want to do it all and help other girls do it all too!


Hi! My name is Cher and I live in Kamloops, BC with my wonderful partner Lachlan and our dog, Silas. I work full time in local government as a Transit Planner, which has ignited a passion for active transportation in me that I will be forever grateful for. I advocate for sustainable transportation – including cycling – through my position at work, and also as a Member at Large with the BC Cycling Coalition. I have been calling myself a runner for the better part of two decades now. 20 years later with a lot of growth and life changes along the way, I still love running and the way that it has supported me through the various stages of life. While COVID threw a bit of a wrench into my 2020 race plans, I am thankful for the opportunity it has given me to set my own personal goals for 2021. I no longer feel limited by times; instead, I want to enjoy the road, the trails and everything that I get to see in between. I am really looking forward to including Kamloops in the RLAG community, and am keen to be able to support other women through their running journeys, and finding a larger sense of community with the RLAG global team.:)


Lover of all things Christmas, Disney, Olympics, Donuts and Running! Christine loves being a RLAG ambassador as running is her way of meeting really cool people while also getting a workout in. She also volunteers on a few non-profit board. She lives and runs in San Francisco, CA so thankfully besides some foggy days (thanks Karl!), she can pretty much run outdoors year round!


Hello!!! My name is Cindi and I live in Williams Lake, BC.
When I am not outside running, paddle-boarding, hiking, cross country skiing or walking my spouse and dog, I keep myself in run-tastic shape by teaching indoor cycling (spin) at my community gym. During the week days and in my “day job”, I work as a Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician. I love this job because it enables me to promote mental health and wellness via exercise, self care and positive self esteem to children and youth. I also teach in the Social Work and Education Program at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Williams Lake campus. I am passionate about teaching other human service practitioners and similar professionals the importance about caring for them self and incorporating the idea of self care in their day to day life to avoid burnout. I hope 2020 is an amazing year for us all, and I look forward to getting to know others on the trails and while we eat pre-and-post run carb meals 🙂
I ALSO hope to find some travel buddies to participate in the RLAG destination adventures!!!

Connie – Edmonton, AB

Hey there! I’m Connie and I live in Edmonton, Alberta where I love to explore the region’s beautiful river valley trails. My running journey began years ago when I spontaneously decided to go on an hour-long run after a stressful university exam. I wasn’t much of a runner then, but after that day I was hooked. My favourite distance is a half marathon, my longest distance is a leisurely 43.5 km, and my favourite race is the Mount Robson Half Marathon in B.C. (it’s just gorgeous). I’m keeping my running goals pretty simple this year: go on even more local trail adventures and run the Mount Robson for a third time if it’s back on in the fall. I’ll never be the fastest runner — maybe because I have to stop and pet every dog, or because I get totally enamoured by nature — but I just love how running makes me feel. Relaxed. Alive. Centered. When I’m not running, you can find me doing one of the other things that keeps me grounded: meditation. As a newly trained meditation facilitator and guide, I’m fascinated with how meditation and mindfulness can so beautifully combine with running, hiking, and nature. I’m a new RLAG ambassador in 2021 and am both honoured and proud to be joining such a wonderful community of kind and passionate people.


Hi! I’m Courtney! I live in the tiny town of Caesarea, Ontario. I’m a graphic designer and most recently I’ve taken up woodworking but trail running is still my happy place. I started running just for the cardio at the gym but a few years ago fell in love with the trails and never looked back. I finished last year with the most kms and elevation I have ever done…by a lot! 4286km and 33,675m (110482ft)…not bad elevation considering there are no mountains here. LOL I’m looking forward to the eventual return of in-person racing as I miss all of my race friends. I’m excited to be part of the RLAG team and community for another year!

Deanna – Kingston, ON



My name is Emily Lewis – newly married to the love of my life and mom to 3 kiddos – 10 years old, 7 years old, and 5 years old. Originally from Arizona and now living in a small town in Missouri, my days are filled between my full-time job as a Public Safety Dispatcher, running a successful business, and volunteering with our local CASA organization. When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling with my husband, crafting, coaching my daughter’s soccer team, keeping up with my oldest son’s baseball and soccer leagues, and laughing with my youngest and most wild and crazy one! Growing up, I was an athlete, playing soccer, softball, and running track. During my adult years, I’ve struggled with mindset, consistency, and have had really great athletic highs and lows. I definitely embrace the mentality of work hard, play hard. I have a passion for life, enjoy trying anything once, and always strive to seek out new adventures. 2 of my greatest adventure accomplishments – completing Ragnar SoCal with my teammates and the RLAG Squamish Adventure Retreat! I can’t wait to connect with all of you, share my 2020 journey through my goals and adventures, hear all about yours, and cheer you on from the sidelines!

Erin – Warburg, AB

Evelyn – Ottawa, ON


I’m Jane, I live in Vancouver and work as a registered massage therapist. I have an awesome spouse and the best little fuzzy trail buddy you could ask for.
I got to know RLAG as a participant in the very first Costa Rica retreat (see Carre Dawson ‘s post for group pic😍) and I have been an RLAG enthusiast ever since! Retreats, races, group runs and more swag then my significant other needs to know about! I love the positive and supportive atmosphere that RLAG has created and look forward to giving back as a street team ambassador
I’ve been running and doing triathlons for many years. I am mostly a happy participant more then a competitor but like to set goals and try new things. 2019 I plan to run my first ‘official’ 50km in April and will be racing Ironman Coeur D’Alene 70.3 at the end of June.


Hey! My name is Jen. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend and I have 3 pretty amazing kids. I live in the stunning Fraser Valley. I am so excited to be part of this fabulous community! I am newish to the running community. I only started running a little over a year ago. My first ever race was the 10 km Live Love Run race. After that race, I was hooked. In 2019 I set some pretty big goals for myself. I completed my first ever Tough Mudder, Valley Vertikiller, as well as 2 half marathons! I love running in the trails to help me clear my mind. I also enjoy a good old fashion road run every once in a while. My hope is that as part of the RLAG Street Team I can encourage woman to be fearless and take that first step to becoming the best version of themselves. See you on the trails!

Jenilee – Keller, TX

I am so excited to be an Ambassador for RLAG! I have attached a couple photos of me and my favorite running partner.

Riff is a 10 year old Labradoodle. He has been running with me since he was 4 months old. He use to do 10 mile runs with me and pulled me most of the way. Now he can only manage about 3 miles. I am speeding up and he is slowing down. BQ Goals!

I have been running since 2005. I am a wife, mother, realtor and runner. I have a 16yo daughter, 8yo son, dogs Riff and Ram and a Bearded Dragon, Wally. We live in Keller Tx and I run all over DFW.

I started running by accident with a group of friends. I was just trying to keep up with them while they were training for the Dallas Marathon. Next thing I knew I was running 13.1 around White Rock Lake in Dallas. I did not know what a half marathon was and I thought the ambulance was there for me at the end!

I have run 9.5 Marathons. Many Half Marathons. I have lost count of 10ks, 5ks and I have run 3 overnight 200+ mile relays. My first marathon was OKC in 2011 with Team in Training. It was May 1st and freezing. I learned then to bring an assortment of clothes and not to trust the weather app because it could be wrong. I ran in freezing rainy temps in a tank/shorts and trash bag (for the rain). It started hailing at mile 20. My family did not see me finish because they were sheltering from the hail. I finished and I do not remember much of the end!

I can tell a story to go along with each marathon I have completed (or did not complete) and I am planning on running the Dallas Ultra in May (It was moved because of COVID). I look forward to sharing adventures with RLAG!

Jennifer – Salt Lake City, UT

Jessica – Vancouver, BC


Hi, I’m Jordanna! I’m a sea to sky adventure-loving trail runner who calls Okotoks, Alberta home. From trail running to paddleboarding and all the hikes in between, my husband and I are raising our two young kids to appreciate their mountainous backyard and the many adventures and life lessons it brings. I’ve recently formed a women’s trail running group in my local community with two of my girlfriends (and training buddies) as we want to encourage women to hit the trails and have fun doing so. This is my second year as a Street Team Ambassador for RLAG and it is such a privilege to be a part of this inspiring and encouraging community.

Julie – Delta, BC

Hi, I’m Julie,
I’m a wife/mother/hairstylist/yoga teacher and running addict. I love all forms of fitness actually, but since finding a great group of likeminded friends I’ve stuck to running as my main form of fun since 2012. That year I made a New Year’s resolution to run a half marathon with a couple of friends. After that I was hooked. I love setting big goals and in 2019 I completed my first marathon.

When I’m not running you’ll find me walking my dog, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking or biking. Generally, I love spending time outdoors in the beautiful province of BC.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be on the RLAG street team this year and look forward to making connections with our running community and seeing what could be in store for 2021.


I’m a 2nd year RLAG street team ambassador but have been part of the RLAG family for a few years now. I’ve never considered myself an athlete just someone who enjoys doing things. In 2010, I took my casual road running to the next level; I did my first of 3 half marathons that year mixed in with some shorter distance trail racing. By 2016, I completed my first 50km trail race (Frosty, Manning Park, BC) and was living on cloud 9 with endorphins to last a lifetime. Running brought me confidence I never had, it brought me a sense of purpose, it gifted me friends that I call my family and it provided me the ability to support, encourage and volunteer. This last part is actually my favorite part. As a child I was a competitive swimmer. With a solid running background I decided to try triathlons. Since 2015, I’ve done a handful of sprint, Olympic and a few half iron distances. My biggest ultra running accomplishment happened in 2019. After running several 50km races, the 3 day Golden, BC stage race which included a 60km distance on day 2, I decided to go for the 50 Miler! Not only did I go for the 50 Miler but the world famous Squamish 50/50. I’m the proud owner of a blue hat! I love being in the mountains where my mind clears and I’m enveloped with peace. Very excited to be back again with the RLAG family on whatever crazy adventures await in 2020. #willrunforicecream


I have been running in one way or another all my life. After a horseback riding accident in 2013 I have struggled with injuries and had numerous doctors and people tell me I should stop running and even stop being active all together. My response to that was “heck no!” I had one amazing coach that helped me rehab my injuries and get from a 30 second run to 5km. Now I am working with another amazing coach who is helping me train for the 60km Golden Ultra in September. I am already just enjoying being able to train for something. It’s all part of the journey!


Hello Beautiful People! My name is Kim. I live in the Beautiful Fraser Valley, BC, Canada. I’m so happy to be part of this Totally Awesome RLAG Team for my second year. I am a mama to the most wonderful 21 year old daughter. I am a teacher, personal trainer, most recently uni student. I grew up dancing and was never a huge fan of running but have found pure joy in pushing my limits with running. I love adventure, a challenge, obstacle running, trail running, hiking, anything in the trees, in the mountains. That is my happy place. I have done many 5kms, 10kms, halfs, mini obstacle runs, and Tough Mudders. I love the mud! My adventures have taken me all over the world, but honestly my favourite place to travel is in our own back yard (as they say). By far one of my favourite adventures… (3X) Bowron Lakes Full Circuit (my IDEAL vacay). This year my biggest adventure will be the Yukon River Quest. 2020 is definitely going to be a year of #befearless #beinthemoment . I look forward to hearing every one’s stories and sharing experiences over this year and possibly meeting many of you at local events.

KIM – Brackendale, BC

Since 1994 I have been sharing my passion for health and fitness in and out of the fitness studio. My love for movement, authenticity, music and smiling has brought me great health, and a wealth of amazing experience. Getting outside daily to trail run, dog walk, hike and lead group runs keeps me grounded. I have attended, volunteered and participated in races since the late 80s and truly thrive from the energy, passion and enthusiasm that abounds at these events! I am an avid fundraiser of causes that are dear to my heart, a proud mom of 4 adult children, and a grandmom of 2!


My name is Laura and I am addicted to adventure! Some of my favorite adventures include: trail running, hiking, camping, fly fishing, snowshoeing and exploring new places. I’m mom to 2 amazing boys with my pretty terrific husband of almost 18 years, all of whom I love to adventure with. Let’s make 2020 great and run like girls!


I’m Leanne from St. Albert, Alberta and I’m so excited to be back for my second year on the RLAG Street Team. I started running about 7 years ago after adopting a very active puppy, through our adventures I discovered a love for endurance sports having gone on to complete several marathons, ultra marathons and triathlons. This year I’m planning to race less and have more adventures with my dogs, gain more confidence on my mountain bike and spend more time in my kayak but first I’m hoping to tackle my first 24 hour track race. I can’t wait to see all of your adventures in 2020. Happy running!

Leigh – Westminster, CO


I have been running for 18 years. Initially my focus was road running and races but over the past 10 years my love of trail running has continued to grow! 3 years ago I started training for and running ultras which has been very exciting! I am fascinated with pushing my limits and reaching new goals. My race schedule continues to be filled with road races, trail runs, and ultra marathons – I love the variety and the challenges that this gives me! Happy Running!

Lisa – Calgary, AB

Louise – Oakville, ON

Lyndsay – Okotoks, AB

Hello! My name is Lyndsay and I currently live in beautiful Okotoks in Southern Alberta. My husband and I moved down here almost 7 years ago and absolutely love living so close to the mountains! I’ve been a runner my whole life but got more seriously into it when I was laid off during the 2016 recession here and I haven’t looked back! I love pushing myself to reach my goals and challenge myself with each new race. You could catch me in the mountains every weekend either running, hiking or scrambling up until the past year when we welcomed the newest member of our family, Jordan. I had an extremely rough pregnancy and post partum, so my grand dreams of hiking and running throughout pregnancy were quickly dashed (however THANK GOD for muscle memory) I look forward to showing others that you can challenge yourself, you can DO IT after having complications and a baby and that the sky is the limit to what you can achieve as a new mom – though, with some extra scheduling and planning of course 😁


Hi. I am Marlyn. I am from Costa Rica and could not be happier living in this paradise. I have run since 2018 and joined the CR Sky Running Team in 2020. I love how it feels to run in the trails and feel Mother Nature taking care of us as we should take care of it. I have a son, Nicolas, who is 8 years old and just started trail running, too. He is my main inspiration because I really want to be a good role model for him. This is my second year as RLAG street ambassador and I can’t wait to connect with you all, hear about your goals and adventures, and cheer you on from the sidelines. ¡Pura Vida!

Meagan – Brampton, ON

If you told me six years ago that I would be a runner, I flat out would have laughed in your face. I could have a dinosaur running towards me and I would probably just accept the fate lol. I never would have imagined I’d be a runner, a fitness fanatic and an ambassador for multiple brands.

I started my fitness journey in 2015 with a lifestyle change of eating healthy losing a massive amount of weight loss. Of course, I decided that since I had been using an elliptical for the past five months that I’d be able to run a 5k fun run. It wasn’t pretty but I finished. That following year I became hooked and ran my first handful of 5k races included my first OCR. Since then I have trained for 10k races, half marathons and I’m now training for a full marathon. Last year I did my first 24hr 50k challenge titling me as an ultra runner.

If I’m not running, I’m at the gym or the yoga studio. In the summer you can find me at the diamonds playing softball or on the trails hiking. I always thought I had limits but I am slowly pushing beyond each one.

Michelle – Coldstream, BC


Hey there,
My name is Patti. I am from Winnipeg, MB. I am a wife, a mother/ stepmother to 3 kickass kids, a dog mom, an educational assistant and a runner. I never thought of myself as a runner. In fact, I started running almost by accident. I always loved spending time outdoors with my kids. Hiking, biking, walking. Then in 2005, we got our first dog. I began running casually just to keep up with him. I would never have called myself a runner. I ran about 5km but always “for the dog”. I was never going to do anything “crazy” like a 1/2 or full marathon. Fast forward a few years and I have now done countless 1/2’s, 3 full marathons and I just registered for my first 50km trail race. (GULP) Running has never been about racing for me but about challenging myself to see how far I can go. It is about pushing myself out of my comfort zones and has now become about helping others through theirs.. The more I get involved with my local running community the more fantastic people I get to meet. Their energy is infectious and helps keep me going. Run Like A Girl has become part of that over the years (virtually as opposed to locally). They have helped motivate, educate and inspire me to be the runner and person that I am. I hope I can, in some small way, do the same for others. I am so excited to have been invited into the fold of this wonderful running family for 2020. I can”t wait for all the adventures coming our way!


Samantha – Castlegar, BC

SARAH – Campbell River, BC


Hi team! I am incredibly proud to be part of the RLAG team. My first exposure to the community was through the first Costa Rica adventure retreat, which was life-changing in many ways. The women I met on that experience have inspired me in many areas of my life. Seven years ago, I experienced a back injury. After rehabbing and starting to run again through road races, I found my groove with the trails. It was these women that inspired me further to fall in love with the sport of triathlon and I haven’t looked back since! This year my goal is to push myself farther on the trails, running the Be Fearless Trail Marathon on June 8th and conquering the Coeur d’Alene 70.3 Ironman on June 28th!

On the personal front, I work in beverage alcohol (it’s all about balance!), managing the Guinness chain business for the Pacific NW of the USA -when I’m not on the trails, I’m in the air! I married my best friend last year and have a (fearless) ten-year-old step son that loves joining me on the trails with his bike. I finished my MBA last year and count my blessings that is behind me, so I have more time to run bike and swim this year!

Sharon – Burnaby, BC

Hi! My name is Sharon, I moved from the UK to Vancouver BC 9 years ago. I am a huge advocate of diversity through all sports, helping a community to grow and support each other through unity. I love to run, hike, yoga and not to forget my passion for Powerlifting.

I’m really excited to join as an ambassador for RLAG, I’ve seen the community grow and been part of races pre-covid and enjoyed the support from all the people I encountered. As we move into a new year, I hope to see the community flourish even more and will certainly be looking forward to in person events.

One of my favourite quotes, “Strength lies in differences not in similarities” here’s to 2021 and the upcoming adventures .


Shelley Hatfield is the instructor of the beginner/10K Abbotsford run clinics with Kintec. She started running over 20 years ago, and has over 200 races to her name, starting with the Vancouver Sun Run in 1997. Spending many years involved in running communities across Metro Vancouver, taking the next step to becoming a fitness instructor came naturally to Shelley. She now hosts fun running events every week with her fitness group, Over The Top Fitness. Each week, she invites runners to have fun by planning small activities between miles. For her, running is her form of meditation; she says it’s the time she gets to ‘shut her brain off and focus on breathing,’ when she can go outside and forget everything for a while. From 5Ks to marathons, Shelley has trained to do her best for each race. Now, she says, she wants to focus more on helping new runners achieve their goals.


Hi everyone…. I’m Tanya. I live in Penticton, BC in the Okanagan Valley. This is my second year as an ambassador and so thrilled to be a part of the RLAG team and family. I am training this year for my first 50k ultra in May. I enjoy running road, but love trail running even though I’m a little slow at it. I love running through the trees on the way up to a summit. When I am not running or working, I can definitely be found shredding on my mountain bike for 3 seasons of the year, road riding, hiking, road tripping, camping, snowshoeing and crafting. I’m always up for a new adventure and a new trail. I am looking forward to being more involved in events and hoping to inspire more women in my area to get outside and push past their existing limits.

Teresa – Parksville, BC


Trudy has a hard time admitting that she’s a “runner”, even though she’s been running most of her life. She started running to improve physical fitness and enhance her athletic performance. She failed to find the “fun” in it, but has always recognized the positive impact it has. Today, running for Trudy means more than just the physical act of moving one foot in front of the other. For her, running is about being outdoors, getting sweaty, nourishing her soul by spending quality time with family, engaging with community, crushing goals, all while supporting and inspiring those around her. She spends many early mornings with Edmonton’s November Project, plays both women’s and coed soccer, and can be found exploring the trails in Northern and Central Alberta with the 5 Peaks trail running crew. (She’s a 5 Peaks Ambassador for 2020, so if you want to learn more about those races, be sure to ask!) Trudy thrives on helping others set and reach their goals. She rocks a positive attitude, has a genuine love and appreciation for life, and is consistently trying new things and encouraging others to do the same. She believes running should be inclusive, accessible and yes, even fun!

Vicki – Villa Hills, KY

Victoria – Alton Bay, NH

Hey! I’m Victoria, a dog-obsessed runner with a passion for the outdoors and sports.
I am originally from Montreal, Qc, but currently living and adventuring in New Hampshire. I got into running about 6 years ago because of my very energetic dog, but only became addicted to it when I moved to New Hampshire’s playground. I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors, and physical activity in general. I’m constantly looking to try new activities or go on adventures (unless it’s snack time or naptime – which are both very important in my household). You can usually find me playing outside when I don’t have to work – running (trails, road, mountains), hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fly-fishing, climbing, snowboarding/backcountry, scuba diving, cycling, swimming, and I’m still looking for a few more hobbies. My main goal remains the same for 2021 – to ENJOY running, and enjoy what I do, so we will see what 2021 has in stock for me! I’ve been slowly trying to up my mileage, so I’m looking forward to achieving that goal within the RLAG community. In the last few years, I found “my people” through running. I met a group of exceptional ladies in the local running club, and these have become my closest friends. I’ve never felt as supported or connected with other women as I do now, and I can thank running for that. I am very excited to be part of this community, and I can’t wait to support, inspire and adventure with all of you.


My name is Whitney and I am a stay at home mom to three energetic kiddos. My two oldest are in elementary school and my youngest is 4 and in preschool; which can make running challenging at times.
We live in sunny Southern Arizona. I am luck to live where the weather is beautiful most of the year. I have been running for about five years. And I love running both on the road as well as on the awesome desert trails that we have out here. I am an ultra marathoner, a half marathoner, and this year I will be able to add marathoner to my resume. I love putting in the miles and the time. I like to think of running as my therapy. As a busy mom, it’s my time to solve the world’s problems, work through my issues, and have some quiet time. I am so excited to be a part of the Street team this year; and to share my love for running with others.

Zarah – Vancouver, BC