Meet our RLAG Ambassador Street Team!


Hello Beautiful People,
My name is Kim. Fraser Valley, BC Girl born and raised. I am honoured and Super Excited to be part of this Totally Awesome team! I am a mama to an Amazing 20 year old Lady (My Biggest accomplishment). I am also a personal trainer, adventureholic, trail runner, worker outer and outdoors lover. This past year I spent more time in the gym than the trails, BUT… 2019 is going to be the most Badass year of Adventures and being amongst the trees. I look forward to hearing and sharing our passion for life and running!


Hi! I am Hannah. Originally from Ontario, I moved out to BC to pursue my dream of living in the mountains. I love to ski, mountain bike, hike and camp and thought it would be a perfect place for me. I was right and I eventually settled in Squamish. I didn’t really trail run until I moved to BC. When I was invited by a group to run a trail instead of hike it, at first I was confused, but then I immediately fell in love with the sport. Running has always been something I love to do. It’s like therapy for me and makes me feel alive and happy. Trail running has allowed me to explore some amazing places and meet incredible people. I am thrilled to be a part of the Run Like A Girl Team and inspire and be inspired by others to pursue their goals and live a life full of adventure!


Hi! I’m Anna. I live in beautiful BC and am lucky that my job is to teach kids about the landscape and history of Canada. I am a geography nerd and love exploring so naturally, I love trail running. Running came to me as a means to help raise awareness for mental health after the loss of a close friend. I started building up my endurance to complete a 5km fun run and found running to be therapeutic. It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized that I could combine my love of hiking and running into one activity. That’s when my love of trail running really began. Since then, I have run a half marathon, a long list of 10-25km trail races, have started training for my first 50km race and have co-founded a local run crew with 2 other dedicated runners. Trail running is all about community and that’s what drew me to RLAG. Trail runners are welcoming, non-judgemental, resilient and a whole lot of fun to be around. I am so excited to be part of the RLAG community and help show others, including my students, what it means to really run like a girl!


Hey all. My name is Rhonda Zazula. I am a 43yr old single mom to 13yr old boy and a 10yr old girl. I am very excited and proud to be a member of RLAG that has so many members around the world. I live in Langley, British Columbia and I believe we live in one of the most beautiful places with an over abundance of mountains, lakes and trails to explore. I have always enjoyed running. The freedom and peace it has brought to my life. When I am stressed about something or even happy about something, running is always where I went. Over the years it has changed to trails, hiking, climbing, racing, biking, triathlons and most recently Spartans. Being a single mom has its challenges with getting things accomplished but I have an amazing support system around me. With some great friends and encouragement I have found a happy place. That place is bringing more people to the outside. I want to set an example that even a busy mom can make things happen. I want to get more people to try new things. Whether it’s on a downhill bike, ski or snowboard, run your first race or climb a mountain. Whatever your goal or dream is, I want to share it with you and help you get there. My goal for this year is to podium in a spartan race and possibly do a 50km trail. And if I can get at least 10 people outside trying something new or challenging themselves in some way, then I have succeeded.


Hello! I’m Courtney, currently from Washington where I live with my husband and puppy. I have loved running from when I was young but got my first solid introduction in 4th grade when one of my parents friends agreed to take me on a run with them. I was hooked. I ran through middle and high school, enjoying the competition with others but also with myself. While in college, it became more sporadic and didn’t really get going again until a friend of mine encouraged me to run a half marathon with her and a group of girls in Zion National Park. I think that was a life changing moment for me. I loved our team and I loved the training and racing. Since then, I’ve done multiple half marathons and five full marathons, some trail and some road. I also completed a half Ironman and have my eyes set on a full as well as an ultra. I’m excited to be a part of this team because the girls I’ve had the pleasure to run, train, and celebrate with have made a huge difference in my life and my love of running.


I’ve been running since late 2014 mostly road but discovered trails this year and have since spent majority of my time running off road discovering the trails at Golden Ears mountain in my backyard! I have 4 “boys” in my life; husband Garry, 2 sons Colby(18) and Nolan (15), Neptune my partner in crime and running partner is my 2 year old Australian Shepherd. I have a Disney addiction and in 2019 will be running back to back races in Disney world (Star Wars challenge 10k/half)!
2019 will be a year of firsts! I have signed up
for my first full marathon (eek!) and first trail half marathon (Be Fearless!)
I am lucky enough to have a day job I love that allows me to spend a good portion of my time in the Okanagan where I spend my non working time running those trails, discovering wine country and running a charity for marginalized homeless and their pets!


I’ve been running since late 2014 mostly road but discovered trails this year and have since spent majority of my time running off road discovering the trails at Golden Ears mountain in my backyard! I have 4 “boys” in my life; husband Garry, 2 sons Colby(18) and Nolan (15), Neptune my partner in crime and running partner is my 2 year old Australian Shepherd. I have a Disney addiction and in 2019 will be running back to back races in Disney world (Star Wars challenge 10k/half)!
2019 will be a year of firsts! I have signed up
for my first full marathon (eek!) and first trail half marathon (Be Fearless!)
I am lucky enough to have a day job I love that allows me to spend a good portion of my time in the Okanagan where I spend my non working time running those trails, discovering wine country and running a charity for marginalized homeless and their pets!


I’m Valerie from the suburbs of Vancouver. My running journey started about 7 years ago when the 80 pounds I had lost in my early 20’s started creeping back. I could barely make it around the block! Since then I’ve run 7 half marathons, one full marathon and last summer my first 30k trail run. This year I’m excited to step into the world of ultras with my first 50k. This year also will bring for me my 2nd half Ironman which I’m so excited about!

When I’m not running, my full time job is a police dispatcher and I am also an on call victim services crisis worker. I love to hike and last year did my first multi day self sustained trek on the Juan de Fuca Trail. This year I’ll be doing the Westcoast Trail with a group of amazing girls. I spend any spare time I have travelling with my husband to as many places as I can go. My favourites so far have been Everest Base Camp, sailing the Whitsundays in Australia and scuba diving in Honduras. I used to compete on a recreational level in CrossFit and continue from time to time as well as recently fell in love with indoor bouldering.


Hey! My name is Laura and I currently call Kelowna, BC my home. I love sharing adventures with my husband and two small boys. I started running in my 20s and completed my first triathlon when I was 25. After doing the Squamish RLAG adventure last summer I started doing trail runs and absolutely love it. You can find me outdoors 365 days a year, skiing, hiking, swimming and pushing myself to try new activities with friends and family. I am stoked to be a part of the RLAG team and am looking forward to new adventures being a part of this rad community of badass women.


My name is Melissa and I’m really thankful to be a part of the Street Team and that I’m able to run again. I got into trail running 5 years ago, ran lots of mountains and ran my first road half that year as well, but in the winter was injured in a car accident that kept me from running for years to follow. You don’t realize how much you need to run or be active (until you can’t be) for many reasons especially for your mind! I tried riding on trails 3 years ago and found that I could do this without the level of pain I experienced running. So my cycling ventures began. I became a PMBIA level 1 instructor for Mtn biking and also started coaching kids Mtn biking through Cycling BC. A year later and I was bitten by the road riding bug and along with some other great ladies in my community we now have two weekly road rides that run through the summer months. This past fall, after years of intense therapy and treatments, I thought I’d try trail running again (slowly) and so far so good! I’ve set some attainable goals for the year and am taking it day by day! I hope to you on the trails whether on 2 feet or 2 wheels!


My name is Cindi! I live in Williams lake, B.C and I’m a runaholic. I spend my fall, spring and summers (heck even winter!!) weekends driving around Canada participating in runs! I am addicted to the endorphins, running community and the beautiful landscape across this country! When I’m not outside running, I keep myself in runtastic shape by teaching Spin at my community gym. During the week days and in my day job, I work as a child and youth mental health clinician. This job enables me to promote mental health and wellness via exercise, self care and positive self esteem. I also teach sessionally in the social work and education program at Thompson Rivers University and incorporate the idea of self care in physical fitness for practitioners to avoid burnout. I am looking forward to getting to know others in the RLAG family and seeing how many smiles and high fives we can share!


I’ve loved running since I could walk but before moving to Vancouver, I could never have imagined the true bliss and freedom that the mountains, trees, and trails could bring to my life. Through all types of running, I’ve been introduced to a different world of the most incredible people, places, and adventures, and I’ve really only just begun! In general I’m a simple person – pediatric occupational therapist by day and asleep at night. If there’s food, beer, or running involved, I’m there. I have an amazing partner that supports my selfish training….as long as we can go for beers after….regularly. It’s a tough deal.

This community and sport has given me so much and helped to shape the person I am today. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this team and excited to learn and connect more with such inspiring women around the world.


I’m Jane, I live in Vancouver and work as a registered massage therapist. I have an awesome spouse and the best little fuzzy trail buddy you could ask for.
I got to know RLAG as a participant in the very first Costa Rica retreat (see Carre Dawson ‘s post for group pic😍) and I have been an RLAG enthusiast ever since! Retreats, races, group runs and more swag then my significant other needs to know about! I love the positive and supportive atmosphere that RLAG has created and look forward to giving back as a street team ambassador
I’ve been running and doing triathlons for many years. I am mostly a happy participant more then a competitor but like to set goals and try new things. 2019 I plan to run my first ‘official’ 50km in April and will be racing Ironman Coeur D’Alene 70.3 at the end of June.


My name is Maddie, and I am ecstatic to learn from all of you this coming year! I am relatively new to the trail running scene, completing my first marathon last year. Despite this, I hold both competition and the outdoors near and dear to my heart.
I grew up in Langley, BC as an avid ocean kayaker, synchronized figure skater, long distance cyclist, and by university, became a varsity athlete on the SFU women’s wrestling team. After completing my BBA, I recently began my career as a Consultant in analytics and information management. Amidst the constant travel and busy, desk-filled days, I have realized that what feeds my soul most is the quiet of the outdoors–where I can smile bigger, breathe deeper, and embrace life fuller! I can’t wait to run, share, and smile with all of you this year!


Hi everyone! My name is Kat, local Vancouver girl! I’ve been running for 8 years. I used to live in a world of negativity and doubt. I was told I couldn’t do it so I never tried. But then one day I did, It started with a 5k, then a 10k, and then I trained for 6 months for my first half marathon. That was the day I realized I could do anything that I put my mind to!
Less than one year later I ran my first road marathon, a mere 6 months after that I ran my first 50k ultra. I’ve ran more than I can count now, and pushed myself to complete two 50 mile races.
I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by some amazing people in my life and I’m ever thankful to call Dayna and Courtney my friends! These ladies bring everything this community is meant to be to life!
This year I’ll push my limits again as I train for my first 70 mile race! I can’t wait to see everyone reach for their goals!

Christie, BURNABY BC

Hey 🙂 I am Christie and I live in Vancouver, B.C. I am so grateful to be included as part of the RLAG Street Team this year. I love trail running and have met some of my favourite people through this great adventure-loving community. I have been running for 5 years. I started on the trails chasing a friend who was training for a 50 miler. I went out for my first trail race and was genuinely amazed by how happy everyone on course was and I wanted in. I am grateful every day to live near mountains and appreciate so much the chance to run around on them every weekend with friends. Running with friends makes for a happy life 🙂 The other best parts of my life include my 3 children (18 yrs, 15 yrs, 11yrs) who like to hang out with me more after I run 🙂 and a demanding but really fulfilling job in Child & Youth Mental Health. I have run ultras and a stage race in some beautiful places in Canada and the U.S. I spent most of last year learning to swim and cycle and did my first 70.3 Ironman in Whistler in 2018. So looking forward to getting to know some of you! meeting you at RLAG races and runs this year.


I’m originally from northern Alberta,
born and raised in the same community for 40 years until just this year when my husband and I made Blind Bay, BC our new home. We are a blended family – I have two amazing kids,
a 21 year old daughter and 18 year old son, he has 3 amazing daughters – 25, 23 and 20, and the cutest and most loving little yorkie, our Sophie girl. A few years ago a girlfriend and I went to the first RLAG Squamish retreat. I have always been fairly active, but most of my activity was basically to try and keep the weight down rather than the love of it. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder since my early 20s so my focus was always how many calories am I burning, never about the pleasure of the activity.
The retreat made a huge shift in me, I realized I loved doing all this stuff. I loved all of the people, meeting the RLAG ladies and other retreat members inspired me and made me want to be that person! Not worrying about my thighs and calories burned, but getting out there and actually enjoying it, challenging myself, taking in nature and completely taking advantage of how much my soul benefited from it all. A month later, I decided to join my step dad as he is an avid runner and was always asking me to join. I really didn’t want to do the roads as the trees and dirt were a huge part of what made me feel so great, so we joined a local trail running group a friend had just started.


“Bonjour! I am Claire, I moved to Vancouver from Europe in 2017 after falling on love with British Columbia. I am a runner, a ski and snowboard instructor on weekends, a sport marketer during the week and a sport lover all the time ;).
I love to sign up for races and make a trip out of it, It has often been my way to discover a new city, new countries. That’s what pushed me to run 25+ half-marathons in 10+ different countries and 3 marathons. This year, I have several trails on my bucket lists and I am thrilled to get to share them with this new crew.
I also like to share my sports/travel adventures on social media ( and on my blog, anytime I can. I am thrilled to get to meet so many new runners with RunLikeAGirlca and can’t wait tp meet you!


I’m Simone. I’m in the beautiful west coast of BC. I’ve been running for about 15 years, and for the last 10 years my playground has been on the mountains. My heart definitely belongs to the forest and all things muddy. I dabble in long distance trail running and long distance road cycling. I have a 8 month old goldendoodle. He loves the mountains as much as I do and I can’t wait for him to start running with me. My motto has always been “I run like a girl. I play in the mud like a boy. But I clean up like Marilyn Monroe


Hi team! I am incredibly proud to be part of the RLAG team. My first exposure to the community was through the first Costa Rica adventure retreat, which was life-changing in many ways. The women I met on that experience have inspired me in many areas of my life. Seven years ago, I experienced a back injury. After rehabbing and starting to run again through road races, I found my groove with the trails. It was these women that inspired me further to fall in love with the sport of triathlon and I haven’t looked back since! This year my goal is to push myself farther on the trails, running the Be Fearless Trail Marathon on June 8th and conquering the Coeur d’Alene 70.3 Ironman on June 28th!

On the personal front, I work in beverage alcohol (it’s all about balance!), managing the Guinness chain business for the Pacific NW of the USA -when I’m not on the trails, I’m in the air! I married my best friend last year and have a (fearless) ten-year-old step son that loves joining me on the trails with his bike. I finished my MBA last year and count my blessings that is behind me, so I have more time to run bike and swim this year!


Hi everyone! I’m Courtney Mcquillan Gowitt. I want to thank RLAG for making me a part of your team! I kind of fell into trail running from my dearest friend Dayna Egyed! She invited me to run Buntzen with her and at the time I was not a runner but she inisisted I could do it. She told me I could do anything and I believed her lol…so that day we did 8k! I couldn’t walk for a couple days but loved it. Every time she invited me out I questioned if I could do it, but Dayna and her crew were always there to cheer me on. That’s what I love about Run like a Girl…the community is always behind you, cheering and supporting you. I am single and the mother of two wonderful teenagers. I also love to hike and kayak! I’ve volunteered at RLAG events, you may have seen me helping Dayna at the store. I am looking forward to more events, trail runs, crushing goals and believing in one another!


Hello Team, my name is Joanna and I Live in Langley and Work as a supervisor for the City of Surrey. I met Dayna 3 years ago and she introduced me to RLAG. Growing up I have been apart of team sports. When I got into my late 20’s and early 30’s I was looking for a new experience and community. I was elated when Dayna invited me out to run with her. I did some running but nothing as rewarding as the ,trails and the people that she introduced me to. Both Dayna and Courtney have inspired and coached me to venture trails and run distances I have never imagined I was capable of. They have helped me with confidence and introduce me to some inspiring people that motivate me to be a stronger athlete. Trail running isn’t easy, it is challenging it free my mind and it cleanses my soul. I have been a volunteer for the Be fearless Race and the Live Love Run Race. I am also a huge supporter of their clothing line. The quotes help me keep moving because at the end of the day it isn’t the pace you go it is where you end up.

KAITLYN, Saugeen Shores, Ontario

Hey! I’m Kaitlyn, I’m a fairly new trail runner but have loved running since my early 20’s. I’m a proud mama to a beautiful little 4 year old girl and wife to a very caring husband. It really fills my tank to have an active and adventurous lifestyle – it’s on our family mission statement. I’m super stoked to help represent RLAG this year and support such a huge and inspiring group! I love running because it’s an outlet for me and makes me happy, which in turn makes life so much better! My main goal is always to be the best role model for my daughter and teach her how to live her best life too.


Hi everyone, I’m Randi, I live in Nanaimo, BC with my dog Miles.
I followed RLAG on Facebook before deciding to sign up for the Costa Rica retreat in 2015. I was never overly active growing up and a little shy, so signing up was a motivation for me to get in better shape physically, start running and get out of my comfort zone. That was the best experience for me and has helped to grow my confidence in my ability to conquer new challenges. After returning, I was able to train for my first road half marathon.
Since then I have returned to Costa Rica and conquered the tree climb, gone on the RLAG Peru trip, fallen in love with trail running and ran my first trail half marathon at Be Fearless last June.
I have made so many wonderful friends through RLAG trips and the running community. I can’t say enough nice things about Courtney and Dayna and am thankful for the adventures that I’ve been on with them. I feel super excited to be a Street Ambassador for RLAG.
Coming up I’m currently training to run the Antelope Canyon half in March and the Be Fearless half in a June.


My name is Amanda Frisby and I am so excited to have been invited to be a RLAG ambassador! My involvement with RUN LIKE A GIRL began back when it was just a small group doing boot camp at a Langley park, supporting my best friend Dayna with her new venture. It has been so amazing to be apart of its transformation to the great global community of people it has become today. I am not a competitive runner however I show horses and am a outdoor enthusiast who always spreads the RLAG message no matter where those interests take me! Hopefully one day I will join you on the trail at “BE FEARLESS “ or another RLAG adventure but until then stop by and say hello to me at the store as I can often be found there during all RLAG races !!


Hi Everyone, I’m Penny. I live I Surrey, BC and have grown up in this area most of my life. I am a proud mother of two teenage boys, have a loving spouse of 27yrs, also my high school sweetheart. I mustn’t forget to include my crazy and energetic furbaby “Timber”, who keeps me both company and protection on the trails. I have been an avid trail runner for 25yrs now. My passion for running began at quite a young age. At first it was about losing weight and staying fit but it became more than that. It became a place for me to escape, get lost in the beauty of nature, release stress, and just feel good. It made me happy again. It brought tranquility and peace to my body, and my mind! It is still the main reason I run to this day! I had run solo and pretty low key for many years, never stepping out of my comfort zone. My best friend @daynarunlikeagirl, now cofounder of @runlikeagirl is the one who inspired and encouraged me to enter races and push my limits in these last 10yrs. I have since completed 3 trail Ultra 50km, a few other shorter trail races, an adventure race consisting of kayaking, mountain biking and running (MOMAR), some fun obstacle courses and a half road marathon.
These races have been a source of personal fulfillment and accomplishment to me and none of it would have been possible without the support of friends, my family, and all the volunteers in the community giving their time. Truly grateful to them. I am honored to be teaming up with RLAG to help give back to the community that has encouraged and supported me. I hope to inspire others on their journey and can’t wait to see all the smiles, and even some tears on the courses and at those finish lines! Look forward to seeing you all out there.