Meet our RLAG Ambassador Social Team!


An Ohioan with a passion for travel, dogs, preserving nature, listening to true crime podcasts, and of course, running like a girl! My love of running began when I was 10 years old. Grade school cross country turned into running my first half marathon in 2011, first marathon in 2014, and first trail race in 2017. While I am primarily a trail and road runner, I enjoy movement of all kinds including yoga, climbing, swimming and hiking. My hope is to continue to grow with positivity and perseverance as well as help and connect with others through adventure and acceptance.


You might not guess it if you’d just met me, but I’m a runner. I’d never been athletic before, but I’ve always loved being outdoors and so in 2001, when I wanted to get fit and healthy, I chose running. In that first year I went from couch-to-21.1km, and I have run countless half-marathons since. More recently I took on the challenge of marathons…I can say it with an “s” as I’ve now run two! I’m not fast, but I always finish with a smile. In addition to the fitness and fresh air benefits, it also does wonders for reducing my stress and making me smile. My family will often tell me to go for a run in the hopes I’ll come back happier…which I normally do! This is a big year for me, as I’ll be turning (gulp) 50! I played with the idea of running a mini-Ultra 50 km race…and I still might. But mostly this year is about running for fun, with friends, and exploring new routes and trails. I’ve made some amazing friends over the years through running and I love being inspired by the amazing runners out there. And truth be told, I like hearing that I’ve inspired others to lace up their shoes and run around the block. If I can do it… anyone can!


Hi! I’m Leigh- I’m a mom of two young kids who is lucky enough to have a parter who understands my love and essential need for running. Since moving to Calgary from Ontario, I have embraced running on all levels. I began trail running in 2018, and feel so lucky to have the scenery and mountains close by. With running, I have achieved a level of fitness and personal skill that makes me proud. Happy to run, get outside, and meet other like minded people.


Hi RLAG community! My name is Amber and I’m happy to be back for my second year as a RLAG Ambassador. My home base is Edmonton, Alberta but you can find me running in races all over North America; most notably San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers, Vancouver’s Lululemon Seawheeze, Canmore’s Rocky Mountain Soap Women’s Run & Walk and Calgary’s Centaur/Subaru Half Marathon. In 2020 I’ll be running a minimum of one 10KM, one 15KM and my very first full Marathon so be sure to follow my Instagram for training updates. On my Instagram you’ll also find some of my experiences as a mother, a partner to a supportive man and a full-time career woman. It’s a lot to balance but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few year’s it’s this: I cannot fill the cups of others if my own cup is empty and sometimes putting myself first is necessary to be the best I can be in other departments of my life.


I’m Anne and am so excited to be involved with RLAG. I would equate my enthusiasm to being a newbie but I’m getting a pretty good sense that a great dose of enthusiasm is an unspoken must with this fantastic group. Some deets about me are… I’m a mom of 4 juggling work, home, and my dream of running the 6 major marathons in the world (Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York, and Tokyo). Mission accomplished with Chicago in 2019. Next up, Boston baby! Road running is my forte but I also love hitting the alpine trails. I live in Calgary and although the mountains aren’t directly in my backyard, they are a hop, skip, and a car ride away. Much of my early running life has been a solo endeavour. What I’ve learned through the years is that community brings running to a whole different level. I can’t wait to work with everyone in building a community where your sense of adventure is nurtured, you’re inspired to turn dreams into goals, and you’re empowered to achieve success.


My name is Kristin and I have been a runner since I was 13 years old. My race distances range from one mile to full marathon, and in the year 2020 I am going for 20 different races in my state. My life includes balancing full time work in a laboratory with training for races and being a full time fur-mom. You can find me running and hiking in my home state of Arkansas, enjoying the beauty of nature. I typically run alone, but occasionally I get to be joined by friends and family which are the best kind of runs in my opinion. I’m super excited to spread the joy of running with those in my area and the next generation of runner girls.


Hi! My name is Emma Beckman I’m 31 years old and I have lived in CT most of my life. I started running in junior high school and haven’t looked back. My love for running has only grown over the years as have my goals. I have completed 5 marathons and more ½ marathons then I can count. I run to push myself to get faster and better, but I also run as my daily therapy. Running has changed my life and I am excited to channel my passion to help others! Besides running I love to do anything that allows me to be outside (hiking, biking, swimming, exploring). My other passions are traveling, Yoga, enhancing my spiritual journey, and cuddling on the couch with my cat Buddha.


I’m Chelsea, a Colorado runner, hiker, and teacher. My running adventure started when I was 28. I was determined to run one 5k so I could check it off my bucket list…countless 5ks, 10ks, and one half marathon later, I am completely in love with running (so many of my friends think I’m crazy because of this love affair). Running has saved my life in many ways, and I love being able to share my struggles and triumphs. When I’m not teaching or running, I love to read, bake, and sign up for races!


Hi my name is Amber Morgan Desjardins.  I use the pronouns she, her, hers.  I am a lesbian trans woman and I am physically disabled with CP (Cerebral Palsy).  I’m a wheelchair athlete who has completed in over 30+ races over the 3 past years that I have been running.  I am also an active activist involved in my community to stand up for equality and equal rights for all human beings.  I’m so happy to be a part of the Run Like A Girl Ambassador Social Team.  Looking forward to what this amazing 2020 has to offer.


My name is Laura and I am addicted to adventure! Some of my favorite adventures include: trail running, hiking, camping, fly fishing, snowshoeing and exploring new places. I’m mom to 2 amazing boys with my pretty terrific husband of almost 18 years, all of whom I love to adventure with. Let’s make 2020 great and run like girls!


Hi! Very excited to be part of the RLAG team. Like many of us I read about, I never considered myself a runner and if you had told me 5 years ago I would be running marathons I would have laughed at you! Unfortunately we were touched by the loss of a dear soul due to mental illness a few years back and a foundation supporting youth mental illness was formed which included running. It was through that, my fearless daughter beside me every step of the way, someone telling me I could never run that far (don’t ever tell me I can’t do anything lol) and support from some awesome people that have touched my life, I can now say my daughter and I are marathon runners. When not running I am doing cross fit and taking care of 4 amazing kids who keep me real every day I am blessed by their presence. I also have a new found bug for adventure travel including a most recent amazing RLAG trip to Costa Rica! Personally, 2020 is about one Spartan race with some amazing bff’s, fixing the knees so I can keep this new found hobby up and a marathon in the fall, location TBD! Looking forward to being an active part of the great RLAG community and getting to know everyone!!


I am a runner, adventurer, and mother of four living the good life in northern BC. We garden, raise animals, hunt and forage our beautiful rainforest. I take every chance I get to run our amazing trails, mountains and backroads. I love the challenge and the spillover into all the rest of my life. Everytime I run I gain a greater sense of peace and a desire to share that feeling with my family and people around me. Endurance running has shown me I can do quite literally anything. This is turn has shown my children they also can do anything! Which creates my other role as hockey mom, skating mom, soccer mom, and running support crew. Our local community is amazing, thanks to the mutual spirit of personal growth, adventure and embracing challenge. My mission is to give back to this community with the message that adventure is for everyone, all ages, genders, shapes, sizes and abilities. I hope to encourage as many people as possible to take on the challenge of expanding their bodies and minds on the trails. The rewards for ourselves and our community when we do are truly endless


Hello! My name is Lyndsay and I currently live in beautiful Okotoks in Southern Alberta. My husband and I moved down here almost 7 years ago and absolutely love living so close to the mountains! I’ve been a runner my whole life but got more seriously into it when I was laid off during the 2016 recession here and I haven’t looked back! I love pushing myself to reach my goals and challenge myself with each new race. You could catch me in the mountains every weekend either running, hiking or scrambling up until the past year when we welcomed the newest member of our family, Jordan. I had an extremely rough pregnancy and post partum, so my grand dreams of hiking and running throughout pregnancy were quickly dashed (however THANK GOD for muscle memory) I look forward to showing others that you can challenge yourself, you can DO IT after having complications and a baby and that the sky is the limit to what you can achieve as a new mom – though, with some extra scheduling and planning of course 😁


Hi Everyone, I am excited to join the RLAG social ambassador team this year! I have been running for about the last 3 years. It all started when I was looking for something fun to do for my next “big” birthday. During my hunt I came across Ultra running and thought “that is crazy but very cool” and so, I started out on my journey. In that time I have met so many incredible people that inspired me to keep going at my low times and let me help them at my highs. The RLAG team is all about encouraging and inspiring others during their life journey and I am eager to be a part of that. I am currently training for a half marathon (long way off my ultra but I’m getting there) this year and just taking the time to enjoy the freedom of running. That is when I have the time. I am a mother of 2 amazing little boys that like to keep me busy so sometimes that can be a challenge. Looking forward to what 2020 has instore for us and meeting new likeminded runners this year.


I am Jenny Nelsen. I have been running since 2016. I started running to train for the color run. I fell In love how running made me feel. I felt so much stress relief after I ran. I am a pound pro. I love pound because I can bring out my inner rockstar. I have done 4 half marathons in the past 2 years. I am running in February 2020 the RunDisney Princess 5K, 10K and half marathon. I am running the Wisconsin half marathon on May 2nd. It will be my 7th half marathon. 2020 is the year of a huge comeback. I could not run from September 28 until January 2nd because of another knee injury. I am a NASCAR fan. I am a packer fan. I love cats. I love to travel. I love taking adventures.


I am a mom a full time EMT a student and my boyfriend of 5 years is a firefighter! I will be 37 in March and live in the USA in the state of NJ. My boyfriend had to take a job across the states and I could travel with him leaving family behind going with no job a kid made no sense so I stayed behind while he works in Hope’s to transfer back home! I wanted something while he was gone that could be just me and not one of the million hats I wore so I took up running! It’s a way to be in competition with me and no one else a way to set my soul free and just get out and go!


Hello fellow adventurists, I’m Brianne from Cochrane. I’m honoured to be apart of the RLAG Social Team. I’ve always loved running. Never been fast or on a team but love how it makes me feel. 9 years I ran my first trail race and fell in love with running even more. I like getting outside, it’s my stress release. So If I’m not out walking the dog, we’re hiking, camping, or I’m out running or snowboarding. This year is about cutting back on races and upping adventures. I look forward to meeting lots of new people, inspiring others and sharing some awesome times at events like the Be Fearless Race.


Hi! I’m Stephanie from the Boston area of Massachusetts. I am so excited to be involved with RLAG! My running journey started about 2 years ago. This year has truly turned into a form of therapy for me. I have 2 amazing little boys who are my whole world l, a supportive husband and a crazy puppy. My family has gone through a few traumatic things this past year and I’m hoping to be able to help others with being open and honest with my stories. I also hope to share my journey of how running helped heal me and is making me into the best version of me!


I’m just a crazy tired science teacher who loves to run Iowa roads.  I didn’t find my love for running until after college and I ran my first 1/2 marathon and I was hooked on running.  I love encouraging others to reach their goals in running and love all the people that I have met through the running community.  


Hi guys! I am so excited to be an RLAG ambassador this year, and engage and connect with so many likeminded and inspiring women. I live in Vancouver, Canada. I grew up playing soccer, but in recent years have found more of a home for myself in road running. It has become a huge part of my life, both physically and mentally. My favourite distance is half marathon, but I have decided to take the plunge and am running my first marathon this year! Aside from running, I love to read and am obsessed with my cat Sullivan, as well as anything cat related. I look forward to cheering everyone on as we work to accomplish our goals and follow our dreams. Cheers to 2020!


Hi, I’m Kate!
I’ve been running for about 8 years and am very hooked. It started at a 5k fun run, fundraiser event and I haven’t stopped since. Since then, I’ve ran a full marathon 5 half’s and countless 10k and 5k events and even started a local run group.I love to race competitively in the 5k category to see what I’m made of and to teach my kids to be strong and to push your own limits. Running is my way of starting healthy and fit both physically and mentally! Run happy!


Meagan here and I’m super stoked to be apart of the RLAG fam for a second year! I’m always on the go and it’s never a dull moment with me. I’m an avid runner and have been running since 2016. I began with a weight loss journey and never thought I’d be where I am today. My only plan was to run 5km distances but that changed quickly after two years. I’ve completed over 80 races to date up to half marathon distance except for my goal last year which was 26.1k at the Army Run (5k and half marathon back-to-back). I am now currently training for my first road marathon and later in the year I will challenge myself to a trail marathon and possibly my first ultra! When I’m not running, I’m at the gym, hiking, swimming, biking, playing softball, darts or trying something new!
No matter what I’m doing I’m spreading the love and positivity in the running community and being an advocate for mental health


I am Rachel Campbell from beautiful Chilliwack, BC. Trail running changed my life. My adventure journey began in 2012 as I took to the trails. Since then, I have completed half marathons, 30 km races, week long adventure treks along the West Coast Trail and paddled the Bowron Lake Loop with two moms, three kids and a baby. I lead a growing woman’s group that jumped into our local lake every month for an entire year beginning and ending Jan 1st. Just that little event impacted so many lives. It’s amazing the impact that adventures can have on our lives especially when they are shared! In 2018 I was accepted as a Search and Rescue volunteer. This has opened a whole new world to me including helicopter rescues, whitewater swimming and rafting, rope rescue, avalanche training, and emergency response in the most insane conditions. With 3 kids and two jobs, I’m living proof that if you want a life of excitement, a life discovering what you are capable of, it can be done without having unlimited amounts of free time or wealth. I’m so excited to see what 2020 brings along my rugged path.


What an epic addition to my running journey to be part of the RLAG team. My name is Meg I am from a small town Ontario. I have been running leisurely since 2014,in the last 2 years I have upped my runs to become competitive and all around more accomplished. I completed my first half marathon last May and have done another since with a PB of 1 hour 44 minutes and future goals to keep shaving time. I am a Professional Parent Therapist full time and have the best man by my side everyday and at all my finish lines. My dog Kevin Bacon is my partner for short runs and has my whole heart. I am currently enrolled in school to become a Running Coach I look forward to sharing, creating and supporting others through RLAG to become the runner they set out to be.
Let’s do this girls.


Hi my name is Tracy! I grew up in California and had opportunities to live and run in Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and now Arizona again. I loved traveling and seeking new adventures. That was the best part of being a wildland firefighter when I was younger. I’m excited to be part of a community that encourages getting outside, seeking those new adventures, and lifting each other up! After some backpacking and trail running, I got involved in the world of ultra-running, though I had been running since I was very young. My first marathon and ultra was in 2013. 2020 is the year I focus on mental health more than ever. The past couple years have been quit the learning adventure in that aspect. I’m excited and scared to begin sharing about that and get back out there! I got married October 2018, have a husband that’s deployed most of the year, and no kiddos yet. We bought our first house this year! Running is a gift, even though we may not do it every day or if we have to take time off, it’s a wonderful thing to always go back to. Forward really is a pace. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s year!


Hi! I’m Caroline. I’m happy to call Calgary home but I’m originally from Quebec. I started my running journey after my first son was born. It was a cheap and easy workout that didn’t take too long. I ran a lot with him in the chariot. After my second son was born, I continue running with one biking and one running. In 2017 I train for my first half marathon and fell in love with long distance running. During my long runs I can reset from my busy life as a teacher and a full time mom. Raising two boys is no joke! I ran a couple half marathon during Calgary marathon weekends and a few more with MEC road race series. I loved powderface half marathon. it was my first trail race and surely not the last! I’m a happy back of the pack runner. I don’t feel like I have a runner body but I run this body and I’m proud of what I can accomplish and what my body can do. I love to do yoga and strength training. It makes me feel strong. My goals for the future is to run faster during my next trail half marathon at the five peaks race in Canmore. Maybe in two years I’ll tackle the Golden Ultra?!?


My name is Jennifer Usher and I’ve been running since Jan 2010. I released a whole bunch of weight and thought now is the time to start. I’m so glad that I did! In the last few years I’ve added trail running and haven’t stopped. I balance trail and road running, as I’ve done a bunch of half marathons on the road I’m going to venture out to do a 25 km trail run this year. As much as I can run on my own, it’s the community of runners that I call my friends that keep me putting my running shoes on.


I’m a 30 something year old new mom to a wonderful baby boy! My goal for the year is to get my strength and running stamina back postpartum, and take my baby boy on as many adventures as I can. I can’t wait to show him a world of adventures: running, biking, skiing, and everything outdoors! I’m looking forward to sharing my races and adventures with the Run Like a Girl community for my second year in a row! I hope to inspire some new moms or anyone looking to get back into running and fitness, as well as being inspired by all of you amazing women!


Hello my name is Joanna. I’m a busy stay at home mom with 3 kids, an 11yr old and 10yr old twins. I am from Ontario, an hour outside the GTA. I have always enjoyed running since cross country in elementary school. After taking a few years off after high school I found my love again after college. I did a bunch of half and full marathons before switching over to trail running. I enjoying hiking, skiing and snow shoeing with the family. The kids and I love running our local turkey trot race every October together. And it’s great to be inspiring their love for running now also. Last year I had a goal of doing a 50miler but was side lined with a knee injury. I am now looking forward to 2020 and a fresh start. With a new Goal Of doing a 50km trail race in the fall. I look forward to sharing my love of running on social media and a very small but growing running group here in my local town/area.


Hi, I’m Steph! I’m from Yellow Grass, which is a small farming community in southeast Saskatchewan. I was committed to running only 5K runs until I moved out here and discovered that my guy’s family farm is 6.75 km from our door. Once I conquered that distance, it gave me confidence to try for more. I’ve since added 10K and half marathon distances; even a 25K. Most of my running takes place on the prairie and I usually don’t care what the weather is – I’m just glad to get out and explore my countryside. When I’m not running, I might be cycling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, strength training or mucking around in my garden. I also love to make things, so I usually have some sort of creative project on the go. I’ve had so much support from members of the RLAG team that I look forward to being able to pass it on to others!


Hi! My name is Amber, I am a 30 something mom and wife living in Houston, TX. I’ve completed 4 full marathons, 2 half marathons and countless 10k and 5k’s. I’m looking to challenge myself over the next few years by competing an ultra marathon – I just need to find the right one 🙂 I’m looking forward to spreading the word about Run Like A Girl and the wonderful program it is!