We can do this together!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us in purchasing an item from our campaign. We have sold a total of 640 items which means 640 items are going to be donated to health care workers and their families. 

We will keep you informed on where and when the donations are made. Our campaign is now closed and its time to get the donations ready! 

We are stronger together! We are selling these new "stronger together" buffs, button head bands and face masks.

For every buff, head band and or face mask sold, we are making and donating one face mask, head band and or button clip to our health care workers and their families.

  • This is a buy one - donate one plan of action

They will be distributed across Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The more we sell the more and further we can donate.

This project is giving us the opportunity to give back in our communities.

The hand making of all of the masks and straps help to support continued efforts to grow sustainable economic opportunities in small villages across Northern Thailand. Each meticulously handcrafted item is made in the very home of our team of seamstresses where they earn a fair living wage, with no set working hours, and the ability to better meet familial and community needs from home. Happy hands make happy products.

Tubular Colour Option #1 Tie Dye      Tubular Colour Option #2 Teal Ombre

Example of tubular wear and use.

Button Head Band Example. Designed to help save our ears from the tightness of the straps on face masks.

*** Please note when purchasing this item, they are being made in a variety of colours and patterns. You will be mailed a colour/pattern at random.

Face Mask Example. Please note the face masks are not medical grade, they are 100% cotton and design to wear when we are out getting our essentials.

*** Please note when purchasing this item, they are being made in a variety of colours and patterns. You will be mailed a colour/pattern at random.

Please also note that this is a pre sale, we are making all of the above items as quickly as we can. Our campaign sale closes April 22, 2020. Help us help our health care workers and their families! 

How It Began

This campaign ignited because 1. My mom said to me one day that my sister, who works in a hospital, was complaining her ears were sore after her 12+ hour shifts and my mother in law is an amazing seamstress, so my mom asked if she could make one of these button headbands for my sister and my sister loved it! 

And because 2. when Dave, who is RLAGs amazing supplier came to me with an idea, the idea began with trying to help a group of women who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic who live in Thailand, they will be hand making these items for us.
These two ideas of trying to help out in our communities meshed together. We are also joining our running and active communities with our Stronger Together Tubulars. It's time for us to support one another no matter how far apart we may be!