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The MomBabes, and this anthology, began as an experiment in the power of community—notably, of course, for mothers. However, we discovered in publishing this book that motherhood is so much more than simply caring for another human being. It is often a journey of learning how to care for ourselves again, and that includes sharing parts of ourself we’ve kept hidden away. We found over the course of this journey how deeply lonely the experience of being a mom can be and just how much shame is rooted in our inability to share more of who we are--not just as mothers but also as human beings with incredible stories of survival, resilience, and triumph.

It is a book that revealed to us how complex the inner lives of women really are. Sure, we are moms, but we are so much more. We are Babes. And this book proves that, over and over again, chapter by chapter, piece by piece. No two stories are alike, and yet they all have one thing in common: behind each chapter is a woman who, at one time or another, struggled to see her inner-Babe, struggled to overcome a challenge, to know acceptance, or to find her people.

What began as an experiment in community has quite literally become a community. It is motherhood; It is womanhood; It is...our sisterhood.

And this book is how we rise.

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