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The journey for Run Like A Girl Adventures Inc. began in 2012. A community was created as a way to reach and help inspire our friends and family to get out and try new things! Sharing our passion for the outdoors organically lead RLAG to where it is today! Here at Run Like a Girl Adventure’s Inc. we believe in inspiring others to live life with passion. We initially started as a small Facebook page before officially launching as a business in December 2013. This is when RLAG grew into a movement, reaching the lives of people internationally.

We are a global community of people who are choosing to live life to the fullest, through overcoming challenges, pushing our limits and encouraging others to do the same. We have grown together as a community and we are redefining what it means to run like a girl.

Our Core Values: Community, Passion & Perseverance, Compassion, Celebration, Diversity, Quality, Integrity & Trust.  

Courtney McQueen

Co-Founder, Owner, Ultra Runner, Ultra Mom, Leader, RLAG Trip Leader, Designer & Host, Multi-Sport Athlete, Adventure Enthusiast

Dayna Egyed

Retired Co-Founder

Sawna Guadarrama

RLAG Trip Leader, Multi-Sport Athlete, Ultra runner,

Sawna has been a part of the RLAG team for 4 years. You can find her running the mountains of LA and and all over California in her spare time as well as rock climbing and planking just about anywhere. Her best bud is her furry side kick, Juniper.
Where you'll see her:
Peru, Costa Rica, Squamish

Kate Arnold

Guide, RLAG Trip Leader, Ultra Runner, Personal Trainer

Kate has been a part of the RLAG team for 4 years. You can find her getting up to just about every sport in her back yard mountains of Palmer Alaska! She is also a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Where you'll see her:
Costa Rica, Peru, Squamish

Monica Rosenke

RLAG Trip Leader and Co-Host, Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Amazing Momma, Adventure Enthusiast 

Monica is passionate about women embracing their own authentic beauty. She is a health and wellness coach who specializes in body confidence. She loves to champion people to break down self limiting beliefs and step into their own inner athlete.
Where you'll see her:


Guide, RLAG Trip Guide, Badass Mom, Multi-Sport Athlete, Coach, Adventure Enthusiast

Local to Squamish, Tina knows our waters and mountains like the back of her hand. She is an amazing athlete who loves outdoor adventures and to encourage "PLAY SAFE with like-minded fun, positive people!"
Where you'll see her:

Keri Bowzaylo

Interpretive Hiking/Snowshoe Guide, RLAG Trip Guide, RLAG Regional Leader, Personal/Pilates Trainer, Running Coach, Badass Mom, Multi-Sport Athlete, Ultra Runner, Adventure Enthusiast

After years of battling the weight loss roller coaster, I found my passion in fitness. I love sharing my passion and igniting it into others to reach those goals and summits they did not believe they were capable of. I took this new found joy to the next level, and began running ultra marathons, which is something I never imagined I was capable of.

During this time, it became a passion to motivate and educate others. As a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, I have been positively impacting lives of nationally and internationally ranked athletes as well as teams, and working with everyone from teens to seniors.

My passion for the mountains has me working as a running coach, a race director for Canadian Death Race, as well as a strategic advisor and a racer with many other running events throughout North America. I am also the organizer and leader of multiple mountain running and snowshoe training camps. Further, I actively work as an Interpretive Hiking and Snowshoe Guide.

The next leg of my journey has and is taking me on long distances thru hiking and embracing the disconnect to reconnect on a deeper level with nature and all it has to offer.

Where you'll see her:
British Columbia, Alberta

Juan Pablo Mora

Mountaineer, Adventure Enthusiast, Photographer

From summits of the tallest mountain peaks to the trails, there are no limits to what adventure is next!

You will find Juan at our local races capturing you in all of your running glory!


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