become certified to lead groups in the trails

Certification Name : Outdoor council of canada Field Leader Hiking for Trail Running

This certification is for everyone! There are no prerequisites. If you enjoy the trails and want to learn about group management, safety, how to plan etc. then join us for this course!

WHAT: The trail running community has grown immensely over the last few years with more races out there for everyone to experience in varying terrain and epic locations. This means trail runners are getting out there to train, more meetup groups are being created, and more mountain adventures are being planned. These races provide a moderately controlled environment for people to explore the great outdoors which gives people a false sense of security when they head out on their own to train or adventure. This course is going to teach you how to lead, prepare and plan for group or solo trail runs.

WHO: This certification has been created to educate anyone wanting more knowledge on how to plan, lead, and adventure with a group or solo responsibly and safely so members of our community do not become another Search And Rescue statistic.
This certification gives you the OCC Field Leader Hiking for Trail Running giving you credibility, skill, and tools in leading groups for hiking or trail running.

Are you a running coach that is also a fitness professional or personal trainer? This certification will provide you with continuing education credits. Credits see below:

Full credits for each certification - BCRPA (14 Credits)


Canmore, ab : APRIL 20-21, 2024

Canmore - Rock Cycle Studio | 12/15 spots left - CAD$269.00


Classroom Location - Lynn Valley (note April 12 is a live zoom session, April 13 is outdoor in person session) | 8/15 spots left - CAD$269.00

Edmonton, AB : TBA

St. Albert - Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club | 15 spots left - CAD$269.00

Winnipeg, MB : TBA

Big Sky Run Company Store - 194 Taché Avenue | 15 spots left - CAD$299.00

Ottawa, ON : TBA

Dovercourt Recreation Association McKeller Park Field House Studio. Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 8am-6pm| 15 spots left - CAD$299.00

Registration - open

This program includes:

  • Field Leader Hiking for Trail Running Outdoor Council of Canada Certificate.
  • 16h in person course over 2 days.
  • In person instructor, Keri Bowzaylo.
  • Practical and group scenarios.
  • Pre course readings and quizzes.
  • Program includes lessons and knowledge from the BE AWARE by RLAG Program.

Questions, want to join us but need more info? Email:


Additional Information

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    Interpretive Hiking/Snowshoe Guide, RLAG Trip Leader, Out Door Council of Canada Certified Instructor, RLAG Ambassador & Experience Education Coordinator, Personal/Pilates Trainer, Running Coach, Badass Mom, Multi-Sport Athlete, Ultra Runner, Adventure Enthusiast